Arizona Cardinals Spend Off Day in Toyota Tacoma

Arizona Cardinals Spend Off Day in Toyota Tacoma

The NFL season can be a long road with 16 games, a bye week, preseason games and camps before the start of the season, not including playoff games, it can be a grueling marathon. During this long journey, there are few times to kick back and have some fun. Recently, […]

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Are You Tough Enough To Drive A Hilux?

Here’s an ad Toyota made for the Hilux – and obviously are running in Australia – that’s pretty damn awesome.

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Ever Seen Someone Drive Straight Up A Rock Face…with Wet Tires?

This video is pretty amazing when you think about it: First of all,

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Recovery Tip – Always Be Thinking Ahead

If you’ve ever gotten stuck off-road, the temptation is to focus only about getting out of whatever you’re stuck in and not other important questions like: Is getting unstuck going to fix my problem, or am I just going to get stuck again? What happens once my vehicle is moving? […]

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Custom Toyota Tacoma Dually

A custom Toyota Tacoma Dually was recently spotted on a local interstate and we have the video to prove it. Check out this truck!

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Off Roading in a Porsche?

Alright, we all know what the Toyota Tacoma can do when it goes off roading. It is a machine! Well, what about a Porsche 911 that was built for pure speed, how does it do off roading? Curious? Check out this video.

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Toyota Tacoma Truck Love – Mazafuka

Occasionally we come across a big-time Toyota Tacoma fan. Not so often, does the fan make high-quality videos of his truck. Check out these videos.

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Scary Pikes Peak Challenge Crash

Each year, the Pikes Peak Hill Climb features sports cars going fast uphill. However, this year, one of those cars did the unthinkable. It crashed. A scary moment caught on video for sure. Luckily, driver Jeremy Foley and co-driver Yuri Kouznetsov were able to walk away.

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Inside Dirt Track Racing – Close-Up Video

Ever wonder what it is really like to drive in a dirt track race? How much energy does it take to keep the car going sideways through the turns. Check out this video for a real close up.

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Honda SuperBowl Commercial Released Early – Funny, but Could Have Been Much Better

Here’s the official Honda CRV SuperBowl ad released a few days early…make sure you watch it to the end. Here’s what I like and don’t like:

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