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K&N Air Intakes can increase performance without a lot of hassle.

K&N Air Intake Install – 2005-2011 Toyota Tacoma 4.0L V6

K&N has long been known as one of the top aftermarket companies in the world. Their air intake products are used in many pickups. Here is how to install them 2005-2011 Toyota Tacoma pickups.

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Diagnosing Tacoma drivetrain vibrations - 3 part interview series

Diagnosing Drivetrain Vibration – Drive Shafts, Axle Shims, and Carrier Bearing Drop Kits

We’ve put together a three-part series that takes a look at the most popular after-market components used to counter Tacoma drivetrain vibration: After-market drive shafts (this post) Rear axle shims Carrier bearing drop kits In each post, we will get to the bottom of each component’s effectiveness in reducing and/or […]

by September 19, 2013 6 comments Accessories & Gear
Wheel Spacers For Wider Tires – Pros and Cons

Wheel Spacers For Wider Tires – Pros and Cons

Wheel spacers, like the set below from Low Range Off-Road, have a somewhat dubious reputation in the off-road community. Some people argue that wheel spacers are not built for off-road use, while others say that they have used spacers off-road for years without any trouble. The thing is, both points […]

by September 5, 2013 7 comments Accessories & Gear, Tires
MagnaFlow has released two new cat back exhausts for the 2013 Toyota Tacoma.

MagnaFlow Releases New Cat Back Systems – 2013 Toyota Tacoma

Performance exhaust manufacture MagnaFlow has released two new cat back systems for the 2013 Toyota Tacoma V6. These new systems will really amp up the sound from your truck.

by September 2, 2013 1 comment Accessories & Gear, Power Adders
There is an ongoing debate about using Bias-Ply tires for offroading. Here is our take.

Are Bias Ply Tires The Best Off-Road Option?

In the 1960’s, the idea of a radial tire was a foreign concept. Foreign as in, literally, foreign. French, to be exact. Yet by the mid-70’s, nearly every new car had radial tires. The story of the switch to radial tires is intriguing to be sure, but so is this: […]

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Toyota Tacoma Tire Sizes and Specs - 1995-2013

Original Tacoma Tire Sizes – From 1995 to 2014

Thinking about new tires? Wondering what sizes are available that will fit your Tacoma? Maybe we can help. Toyota offered quite a few different sizes on each Tacomas made between 1995 and 2010, with different rim sizes (from 14″ to 18″) and different bolt patterns (either 5 lug or 6 […]

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Welcome to the Internet's ULTIMATE guide to lift kits - not just for Tacoma owners!

The Ultimate Tacoma Lift Kit Guide

Leveling kits are a very popular accessory with truck owners, and the Tacoma is no exception. Yet despite the popularity of lift kits, there is an incredible amount of misinformation about lift kits. What follows is a good-faith attempt to explain the benefits and disadvantages of every basic lift-kit type. […]

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How to Remove and Reinstall TPMS Sensors

How to Remove and Reinstall TPMS Sensors

No custom truck is complete without a wheel upgrade.  If you’re considering putting new wheels on your Tacoma, you’ll need to remove the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TMPS) and reinstall it on the new wheels.  Without it, you’ll be staring at an obnoxious warning light on your dash.  Recently, Mountain […]

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Devil Horns Giveaway

UPDATE – The contest is over. Congrats to Matthew Gross! The details are below. Basically, if you want to win a “Devil Horn” Toyota emblem made by Andres Diaz, you can enter below. The more stuff you do (like our Facebook page, subscribe to our RSS feed, or follow us […]

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New T-REX Grilles for 2013 Toyota Tacoma

New T-REX Grilles for 2013 Toyota Tacoma

T-REX grilles has announced it has 20 new grilles for the 2013 Toyota Tacoma. These grille offerings span the range of Billet to Motorsports inspired Sports Series.

by March 13, 2013 3 comments Accessories & Gear