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Ford has compared the engine powering this truck to the Tacoma. Fair or absurd?

Ford Compares new 2.7L engine to Tacoma – Huh?

Ford has recently been touting their new 2.7L EcoBoost engine by comparing it to the Toyota Tacoma’s engine. While the size of the trucks are dramatically different, Ford says the engines are comparable. Is this a fair comparison?

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A New Small Scion-Based Truck Coming Soon?

A New Small Scion-Based Truck Coming Soon?

News has been spreading about the planned increase in production of the Rav4 and along with it comes rumor and speculation about a new little Scion-based pickup. Fact or fiction?

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Toyota Gives Back – Supports Denver Zoo

Toyota Gives Back – Supports Denver Zoo

Denver, Colorado Toyota Dealers have joined together to provide $5.4 million in funding for the “Toyota Elephant Passage,” a special edition to the Denver Zoo which will house rhinos, tapirs and Asian elephants, slated to open on June 1, 2012.

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Banana-based Plastics For Cars – Science Explained

Here’s a crazy news item – reported that fruit skins have been used to inspire new plastic designs. According to the report: Scientists in Brazil say they’ve developed a way to use fibers from the fruits to make strong, lightweight plastics that could be used to form car parts…the […]

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