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November 2016 Truck Sales – Tundra, Tacoma Post Gains

November 2016 Truck Sales – Tundra, Tacoma Post Gains

This post first appeared on One more month down and one more to go before the end of the year. Like usual this year the Tacoma posted a good month in November while the Tundra finally posted a gain.

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The Toyota Tacoma experienced yet another sales drop. Is this due to lack of demand or sales volume settling?

June 2014 U.S. Truck Sales – Toyota Tacoma Sales Drop

The numbers are in for June and the Toyota Tacoma had another drop in total sales volume. With a more competitive market place coming soon, the drop in volume is becoming a trend. How low will volume go before rebounding?

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Toyota is selling Tacoma pickups at a fast clip and this is leading to high sales.

Toyota Tacoma April 2014 Sales – Nearly 14,000 Sold

The Toyota Tacoma posted its best month of the year with nearly 14,000 units sold. After giving up market share to Nissan for the last few months, the Tacoma quickly took it back.

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The Toyota Tacoma continues to fall short of last year's sales mark. Is this a sign of the changing truck market?

Toyota Tacoma February 2014 Sales Drop – Consumer Response to New GM Twins?

The sales numbers are out for February 2014 and the Toyota Tacoma saw a pretty significant decline. ¬†With most automakers blaming cold weather for their poor sales, the larger Tundra showed an increase. Is the sales drop due to the recent GMC Canyon reveal and Chevy Colorado? Or are the […]

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Toyota Tacoma sales were down sharply in January, 2014. Most people blame the cold weather.

Toyota Tacoma January 2014 Sales Down – Cold Weather to Blame?

Toyota reported its January 2014 sales and the Tacoma was down quite a bit. Most analysts think it was simply the cold weather to blame.

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The Toyota Tacoma ended the 2013 sales year with strong growth figures. No surprise there.

Toyota Tacoma 2013 Year-End Sales Figures – Strong Year

The Toyota Tacoma ended the 2013 sales year with strong growth figures, once again dominating the competition. No surprise there.

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The midsize truck market is changing, here is what all the truck makers have to say.

What is the future of midsize trucks? Truck Makers Weigh In

The numbers are out for November of 2013 and the Tacoma is holding steady, but competition is coming. Recently, all the manufactures weighed in on the midsize truck segment. Here is what they had to say.

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