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Due out in a few months, the 2016 Chevy Colorado Duramax diesel will reignite the call for a Tacoma diesel.

Chevy Colorado’s Duramax Diesel Specs Unveiled – Tacoma Diesel Possible?

Type the words “Toyota Tacoma Diesel” in any search engine and the results page is long. Do the same on any Toyota Tacoma forum and grab a cup of coffee, you are going to be there for a while. Why? Many fans have been clamoring for a small diesel and […]

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Motor Trend compared the TRD Pro Tacoma to a couple of trucks with lesser off-road packages...and no tow packages either.

Motor Trend Compares Tacoma, Frontier, and New Colorado

Motor Trend recently compared the new Chevy Colorado to the Tacoma and the Nissan Frontier, and here’s what they found: The new Colorado’s interior is roomy and luxurious in comparison to the Tacoma and Frontier The new Colorado rides nicer than the Tacoma The new Colorado is the most car-like […]

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The new 2015 GMC Canyon will feature an innovative solution to a long running problem with car seats in extended cab, mid-size trucks. We think Toyota needs to follow suit.

2015 GMC Canyon Rear Child Seat Feature – Good Idea for Tacoma?

The all-new GMC Canyon has a new feature aimed at solving the riddle of rear child seats in extended cab mid-size trucks. The problem has plagued mid-size trucks for years, is this THE solution? Should Toyota consider doing the same on its Tacoma?

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GM says this new Chevy Colorado weighs substantially less than a full-size truck. Well, duh!

GM Says 2015 Chevy Colorado Slimmed Down – Still Heavier than Tacoma

GM recently sent out a press release clamoring about the slimmed down Chevy Colorado and compared its curb weight to full-size trucks. That’s great, but it is still heavier than a Toyota Tacoma.

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The midsize truck market is changing, here is what all the truck makers have to say.

What is the future of midsize trucks? Truck Makers Weigh In

The numbers are out for November of 2013 and the Tacoma is holding steady, but competition is coming. Recently, all the manufactures weighed in on the midsize truck segment. Here is what they had to say.

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The midsize market leader for decades, the Toyota Tacoma looks a bit dated next to the new Colorado. here is what they should do to respond.

How Toyota Should Respond to New Chevy Colorado Competitor

With the new Chevy Colorado now revealed, it will be interesting to see how Toyota responds to this new midsize truck competitor. Here is a list of things we think they need to do.

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Chevy has lifted the curtain on their new Colorado. Is it enough to be a true competitor to the Tacoma?

All-New 2015 Chevy Colorado Unveiled – Should Toyota be Concerned?

GM revealed their all-new Chevy Colorado at the 2013 LA Auto Show and it certainly is an improvement over the older models. Yet, is it cool enough to unseat the Toyota Tacoma? Maybe, but probably not.

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Chevy Colorado Unveil Planned for 2013 LA Auto Show – Game Changer?

GM has announced that it will unveil the all-new Chevy Colorado on Nov. 20 at the 2013 LA Auto Show. Could this new mid-size truck be a market game changer?

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Next Chevy Compact Truck Won’t Be Named Colorado – How About LUV?

Next Chevy Compact Truck Won’t Be Named Colorado – How About LUV?

Coming soon, the brand new Chevrolet Colorado! Oh, maybe not. The new Chevy truck could have a new name. Are you ready for the Chevy LUV? 

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Chevy Targets Toyota Tacoma Sales in California

Chevy Targets Toyota Tacoma Sales in California

Recently a GM executive was quoted as saying that there are several key cities around the world where GM needs to do well and revitalize its brand. These cities include Los Angeles, CA, a region dominated by the Toyota Tacoma.

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