Toyota is selling Tacoma pickups at a fast clip and this is leading to high sales.

Toyota Tacoma April 2014 Sales – Nearly 14,000 Sold

The Toyota Tacoma posted its best month of the year with nearly 14,000 units sold. After giving up market share to Nissan for the last few months, the Tacoma quickly took it back.

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Toyota, of course, had their TRD PRO Tacoma there. We can't wait to drive this truck!

2014 Denver Auto Show Recap – New Tacoma, Frontier Diesel On The Way

We recently spent a few days at the 2014 Denver Auto Show and in between seeing lots of great trucks, we had the chance to talk with a few manufactures. We have some exciting news to share including plans on a new Tacoma and a diesel Frontier coming to the […]

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Will Toyota stop offering the Tacoma in a regular cab? Most likely.

Toyota Tacoma Regular Cab Doomed? Follows Tundra Regular Cab End

Our sister site, Tundraheadquarters.com is reporting that they 2015 Toyota Tundra will not have a regular cab option. The reasons are straightforward: low profit, cost similarities between cabs, CAFE regulations and low demand. These reasons also apply to the Tacoma. Is the regular cab Tacoma doomed? The regular cab for […]

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2014 NAIAS – Morning Preview

Good Morning from Michigan! I awoke at 4 am to make the trek to Detroit to be among the first of an estimated 5,000+ reporters covering the North American International Auto Show. It is a balmy 37 degrees out and the area I am in is experiencing the worst winter […]

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Jeff Fowler’s Custom 2006 Toyota Tacoma Desk Chair

Jeff Fowler’s Custom 2006 Toyota Tacoma Desk Chair

This article was written by Tacomahq.com reader Jeff Fowler. I am the proud owner of a 2006 Toyota Tacoma. This truck owes me nothing. But a couple of months ago my back starting getting sore after sitting in the truck for long periods of time. See, I have 170K miles […]

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TacomaHQ will be at the 2014 North American International Auto Show

TacomaHQ editor, Tim Esterdahl, will be at the 2014 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Got a question? Want to know more about the new GMC Canyon (should be unveiled) and the Chevy Colorado? Let him know by commenting below.

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Really impressive to see a basically stock Lexus in the Baja 1000.

Lexus Race Team Wins Second Baja 1000 – Joe Bacal Interview and Story

The Baja 1000 is an extreme test of offroading ability and vehicle reliability. Turns out it isn’t just for trophy trucks and pre-runners, a Lexus LX 570 driven by a former Toyota test driver has won his class for the second year in a row. Here is the story and […]

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What Toyota Can Learn From the Hilux

What Toyota Can Learn From the Hilux

UPDATE: In light of the new Chevy Colorado being released, we thought we would revisit this article about the Hilux. While many U.S. consumers think that Toyota’s only compact truck is the Tacoma, there is another, the Hilux. Not only is the Hilux more popular than the Tacoma – Toyota […]

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The midsize market leader for decades, the Toyota Tacoma looks a bit dated next to the new Colorado. here is what they should do to respond.

How Toyota Should Respond to New Chevy Colorado Competitor

With the new Chevy Colorado now revealed, it will be interesting to see how Toyota responds to this new midsize truck competitor. Here is a list of things we think they need to do.

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Getting Started in Off-Road Racing

Getting Started in Off-Road Racing

Off-road racing is a fun and thrilling pastime inspiring many people to take it up for themselves. However, breaking into the field of off-road racing isn’t always as simple as it seems. Many obstacles stand in the way including developing the driving skills, buying the required equipment and having the […]

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