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There are extreme off-road vehicles and then there is this Arctic Trucks modified Hilux.

Featured Truck: Arctic Trucks Hilux AT44 6X6 Expedition Vehicle

There are off-road trucks and then there are go anywhere, anytime off-road trucks. The Arctic Trucks Hilux AT44 6×5 Expedition vehicle is in the latter. This amazing adaption of the Hilux has us drooling for a Tacoma version.

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Sitting quietly in the shade, the fire beast considers it's next conquest.

A Tacoma So Hot It’s Named After a Fire Spitting Mountain!

One of the best parts of featuring trucks on this site is seeing all the unique and different ideas people use to customize their trucks. This 2007 “Volcano Taco” lives up to this. Armored up and lifted with sound flowing out of the bed speakers, it is ready for cruising […]

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This stunning 1983 Toyota Hilux lifted show truck can be yours.

1983 Toyota Hilux Lifted Show Truck – eBay Find

When Toyota introduced the Hilux to the U.S. years ago, they imagined people would have a great time and do many things with it. Yet, they may not have imagined this beautiful 1983 Toyota Hilux lifted show truck. We are glad someone imagined it, this thing is amazing.

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This clean 1986 Toyota Truck has Rancho shocks and a nice collection of lights. It also looks really clean for its age.

1986 Toyota Truck Tan Offroad Desert Runner – Featured Truck

Every once in a while we come across a true gem on eBay.com. Today we present this very clean 1986 Toyota Truck with slight offroad modifications. It is the perfect option for a new Toyota truck buyer or an entry-level option for an offroader. Check it out.

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2007 Toyota TacomaNut – Featured Truck

2007 Toyota TacomaNut – Featured Truck

EDITOR’S NOTE: With the upcoming Memorial Day weekend on our minds, we wanted to share this great truck once again. It is a “Support Our Troops” Tacoma and the appreciation for troops is something we can all agree on! Be safe this weekend and a BIG thank you to all […]

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Looking at this 1999 Toyota Tacoma, would you guess it has 440k miles? We wouldn't.

1999 Toyota Tacoma with 440k Miles – Featured Truck

We see many great Toyota Tacoma trucks here at Tacomahq.com, but this truck really blew us away. It is a 1999 Toyota Tacoma with 440k miles and it still looks almost new! This truck reinforces what people have known for years. Take care of your Tacoma and it will take […]

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Here's the deal, I have done a LOT of featured truck posts over the last few years. Hands down, this is my FAVORITE picture. Majestic. Just Majestic.

2002 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab, Conquering the Outdoors – Featured Truck

What makes a featured truck, a featured truck? Lots of things and this truck seems to have them all! Here, for your viewing pleasure, is a 2002 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab with a great assortment of off-road mods and stunning photography.

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Here is the "adkladf" in its native environment.

2009 Toyota Tacoma “Swimgood Gravy” – Featured Truck

With a sound deadening cabin, 35-inch tires, swing out spare tire holder and a 50qt fridge freezer, this week’s feature truck has many cool modifications. How do you choose the best one? You can’t, they are all great features.

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Drool worthy? We think so.

Polar Toyota Tacoma for Sale – Customized for South Pole Travel

Do you have a desire for the one-of-a-kind? Have $70k+ to spend? Then, the 2010 Toyota Tacoma Polar Expedition Concept Truck is right up your alley. Check this out. Currently on sale on Ebay, this one of a kind concept was built to handle the harsh conditions of Antarctica. Here […]

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The 2000 Toyota Tacoma Solid Axle truck looks right at home on the dirt.

2000 Toyota Tacoma Solid Axle Swap – Featured Truck

Modified Toyota Tacoma’s trucks come in all shapes and sizes. While some just like to Plasti Dip or debadge their trucks, their are those that like to go “all in.” This is off-road, rock crawling Tacoma is the “all in” variety. We can’t decide what’s more impressive, the truck or […]

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