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The Toyota Tacoma experienced yet another sales drop. Is this due to lack of demand or sales volume settling?

June 2014 U.S. Truck Sales – Toyota Tacoma Sales Drop

The numbers are in for June and the Toyota Tacoma had another drop in total sales volume. With a more competitive market place coming soon, the drop in volume is becoming a trend. How low will volume go before rebounding?

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Nissan's new 2015 Navara will probably be pretty similar to the next Frontier.

Nissan Reveals New NP300 2015 Navara – New Frontier?

Nissan just took the wraps off its new Navara and already thoughts are turning to if this is nearly what the next-gen Frontier will look like. With a terrible interior in its current model, will the Navara styling adapted to the Frontier help Nissan gain market share? Maybe.

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Diesel fuel prices may seem reasonable right now, but seasonal and global demand could cause them to skyrocket.

Diesel-Powered Toyota Tacoma, Good Idea with Fuel Price Fluctuations?

As we pointed out last week, Toyota will be surrounded with competitors offering diesel engines by the fall of 2015 (estimated). Is diesel still the way to go with rising and fluctuating fuel prices? Maybe not.

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For May, 2014 the Toyota Tacoma saw a slight drop in sales. Is it a lack of excitement or tough comps from the prior year?

May 2014 Truck Sales Figures – Tacoma Skid Continues

For the first half of the year, the Toyota Tacoma sales have been slipping a bit. While some point to the excitement of new GM twins or high comps from the previous year, it is clear, something isn’t going right. The Toyota Tacoma had a slight drop of 5.8% last […]

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This teaser photo of the next-generation Nissan Frontier is causing a lot of buzz.

Nissan Teases New Frontier – Diesel, LED lights

Nissan released a teaser image of its next-generation Nissan Frontier. It will likely have a turbodiesel engine, LED lights and a much stronger looking presence.

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2016 Toyota Hilux Spied – New Tacoma Platform?

The next-generation Toyota Hilux was recently spied. This new truck maybe be based on a new platform shared with the Tacoma. The timing seems right.

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The new 2015 GMC Canyon will feature an innovative solution to a long running problem with car seats in extended cab, mid-size trucks. We think Toyota needs to follow suit.

2015 GMC Canyon Rear Child Seat Feature – Good Idea for Tacoma?

The all-new GMC Canyon has a new feature aimed at solving the riddle of rear child seats in extended cab mid-size trucks. The problem has plagued mid-size trucks for years, is this THE solution? Should Toyota consider doing the same on its Tacoma?

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These spy photos show a VW Amarok, Chevy Colorado diesel and a GMC Canyon testing together in Milford, MI.

GM Mid-Size Trucks Test With VW Amarok – No Tacoma?

Recently, spy photos of the GM mid-size twins testing alongside a VW Amarok have surfaced. This is a bit of a head-scratcher since the Amarok isn’t offered in the U.S. nor is it GM’s top competitor in the mid-size market.

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Syrian rebels reportedly put the Toyota Hilux on their wish list. That speaks volumes to the quality of the truck.

Syrian Rebels Request Toyota Hilux Pickups

A funny thing happened with the U.S. State Department started sending non-lethal aid to Syrian rebels. The rebels requested 43 Toyota Hilux pickups. The Toyota Tacoma cousin is viewed as a significant piece of their battle plan.

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2014 NYIAS Scion Pickup Update – Obstacles Remain

2014 NYIAS Scion Pickup Update – Obstacles Remain

At the 2014 New York International Auto Show, we had the chance to talk with Scion Vice President Doug Murtha about the much rumored Scion pickup. It is still on the table although a new trade pact could determine its fate. Here is what we know.

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