Getting Started in Off-Road Racing

Off-road racing is a fun and thrilling pastime inspiring many people to take it up for themselves. However, breaking into the field of off-road racing isn’t always as simple as it seems. Many obstacles stand in the way including developing the driving skills, buying the required equipment and having the necessary knowledge of knowing when and where events are going to be held. Because of these obstacles, it takes a lot to break through the barrier between wanting to be an off-road racer and actually becoming one.

Getting Started in Off-Road Racing

Having a sweet off-road machine is just one part of getting started in off-road racing.

Here are some tips on how to break into off-road racing:

Building or Buying the Right Vehicle

Perhaps the most expensive and time consuming part of becoming a part of the off-road racing world is acquiring the right vehicle for the sport. Whether you pick a truck, a buggy or any other vehicle, you will need to have the right automobile for the class you want to race in.

If you already have the right vehicle, you are halfway there. However, you will also need to contact local racers in the area to find out which, if any, modifications need to be made for your vehicle to qualify. Off-road racing can have strict rules and many people are disappointed to find out they are disqualified just because of some minor adjustments that had not been made.

Contact the SCCA

The SCCA, or Sports Car Club of America, is perhaps the best resource for those aspiring to break into the world of off-road racing. Becoming a member requires a minimal fee, but you will undoubtedly benefit greatly from interacting on their website. The forums on their website are great for talking with other, local off-road racing enthusiasts or to look up schedules for events that you can participate in.

There are other, smaller organizations that are similar and may exist in your local region, so check online to see if you can join one or more of these leagues.

Help in Other Ways

If the atmosphere and excitement of off-road racing is appealing to you, but you don’t have the time/money for your own ride, then you might want to consider becoming involved in other ways. All races need people to wave the flag and be a Marshall, keep track of score and time, register the vehicles and officiate. Not only will you get a chance to see firsthand what goes on in at a race, but you will gain some valuable connection in the racing world which can come in handy later if you ever decide to pursue racing more seriously.

Whether you plan to commit to off-road racing in the near future or you just want to see what’s out there, joining the SCCA, volunteering at a race and understanding the vehicle guidelines are all important aspects of breaking into the racing world.

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