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New 2012 Tacoma Rocks with Pandora Internet Radio

Toyota’s hottest cars are teaming up with one of the hottest music apps: Pandora! The 2012 version of the well-loved Tacoma features Toyota’s Entune platform. This handy app allows users to look up driving directions, make dinner reservations, purchase movie tickets, and stream music from Pandora and iHeartRadio.

2012 Tacoma Entune Radio

New 2012 Tacoma Entune system features Pandora Internet Radio

As you may or may not know, Toyota’s Entune system requires the use of your smartphone (currently the iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry are supported) to fully function, but that connection means that unlike competing systems, it’s likely Entune will keep adding features and options…all you’ll have to do is download software updates via your smartphone’s data plan.
And what does Sirius XM Radio think of all this? Eh, they don’t seem worried – yet. In addition to their lucrative financial incentives for dealerships, they’ve struck their own deals with Nissan and Infiniti to offer three months of access with car purchases. Pandora can’t match those dealer incentives, but their popularity and ease of use can’t be denied. Nor can smartphones be ignored; they’re everywhere, and using a wireless data plan to access music anywhere, anytime is more intuitive than a specialized system that’s limited to car rides. Plus, Pandora encourages listeners to select stations and rate songs in order to get personalized recommendations.

Over the next few months, we’ll be watching the battle between team Sirius and team Entune/Pandora. Will the relatively new Entune perform seamlessly? Will it be buggy? Here’s to hoping that Entune and Pandora turn out to be everything we’d hoped for — and more.

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