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Toyota Tacoma Nitrous Kits – An Overview

Nitrous oxide isn’t just for slammed imports featuring graphics lifted straight out of The Fast and the Furious franchise. While that series of films might have given laughing gas a bad name – or at least made it the butt of a thousand jokes about “whoever pushes the red button last, wins” – nitrous oxide is a legitimate performance enhancing drug that you can install in your pickup with relatively little hassle.

A typical NOS universal nitrous kit.

There are several different companies out there manufacturing “universal” nitrous kits that are listed as being compatible with four and six-cylinder editions of the 1995 – 2004 Toyota Tacoma:

  • Bully Dog. Bully Dog lists four different “dry” kits (nitrous kits which do not introduce any additional fuel into the intake) as being available for the Tacoma. The pricing for these kits varies from $640 to $1,600, depending upon the size of the shot and whether a single or a dual shot is desired.
  • Edelbrock. Edelbrock offers universal “wet” and “dry” kits for the Tacoma priced at between $450 and $800. You can also buy individual kit components from Edelbrock and build your own nitrous setup if desired.
  • NOS. The NOS universal “wet” kit is priced between $309 and $630.
  • Venom. Venom offers two kits for the Tacoma, the 1000 and the 2000, which retail for $700 and $1,400, respectively.
  • NX. Nitrous Express sells kits ranging from $1,300 to $1,800 for the Tacoma.

Since each of these universal kits works by introducing nitrous oxide directly into the vehicle’s intake, theoretically they can also be used on 2005 and up Tacomas as well. That being said, there is only one company that advertise their kits as being compatible with the newer Toyota trucks, and that’s NX. Used properly, with a timed release and adequate fuel pressure a nitrous kit for the Toyota Tacoma can produce between 35 and 150 additional horsepower in short bursts.

Why Buy A Nitrous Kit?

Not many drivers drag race their trucks, which is where nitrous truly shines. However, in the world of compact truck customization, adding a nitrous kit under the hood can offer an extra bit of style that could help to win over performance-focused judges. It also helps that, unlike a supercharger or a turbocharger, a nitrous system is an on / off proposition, which means it’s not overstressing your engine by running every time you turn the key.

If you feel like taking your Tacoma to the strip, then by all means investigate the potential benefits of a well-installed nitrous kit. If you’re looking for consistent power for towing or hauling, then you should be checking out alternative power adder solutions.

Nitrous and Your Warranty

If used and tuned properly, a nitrous kit won’t hurt your engine one little bit. In fact, nitrous oxide was used as a power adder without inciddent on allied fighter planes all the way back in World War II. However, if you use a nitrous kit incorrectly (using it at lower RPMs, using it with wrong tuning), you can grenade your motor.

Therefore, there’s no warranty protection for your nitrous-equipped truck. The thinking is, if you use nitrous correctly, you won’t have any warranty problems.

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