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How to Guide: Install A Toyota Tacoma’s Windshield Yourself

Do it yourself windshield replacement for your Toyota Tacoma, while not advisable without prior experience, is entirely feasible if you follow the correct methods and use the right equipment.

Toyota Tacoma Replacement Windshield

How to Replace Your Tacoma's Windshield

First, obtain a replacement windshield that meets your vehicle’s specifications (this may be either OEE or OEM), urethane adhesive needed for bonding your new glass to the frame, some primer and a caulk gun. You should be able to perform the replacement by taking the rest of the necessary tools from your garage.

Next, remove all the obstacles that impair your complete and easy access to the windshield such as the rear-view mirror bracket and the wipers. Most of these items can be removed with a screwdriver or wrench and set aside in a place where you can find them easily. Also cover any vents or holes where stray glass shards may fall thereby keeping belts and hoses free of pieces of glass. You may want to cover your car’s interior as well.

Then, once you have cleared the way for your work, you may set about removing the old or damaged windshield. Use a standard utility knife to pry up the rubber gasket at the edges of the windshield and remove all of it. You can use the same knife, provided it is thin enough for the job, to easily scrape away the adhesive that seals the glass to the frame. This should allow you to pop out the glass from its frame by going inside the vehicle and pushing it out from there.  If you have suction windshield holders, you may use them instead.

Now it is time to clean everything, from the frame to the new windshield. This is necessary for ensuring proper bonding of the urethane adhesive later. Let it dry before moving on to the next step.

Once you are sure that the vehicle is free of moisture, it is time to apply the primer with a coat to the inside of the frame. After the primer, apply the urethane using the caulk gun to create a steady line of the adhesive all around the mounting area. Position the new windshield where it should be and let the urethane adhesive set. You can apply constant pressure to it to aid the setting process by taping it firmly down both the right and left sides of the windshield and its frame.  Be sure to give your windshield replacement work sufficient time before taking out your car again to make sure you don’t have any leaks or a wobbly windshield.

With some everyday tools, patience and a little experience, replacing your own windshield isn’t as difficult as it seems.

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