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News Alert: Thieves Targeting Toyota Tacoma in Southern California

A rash of stolen Toyota pickup trucks in the L.A. and San Fernando Valley areas have led police to believe that the recent outbreak could be part of a larger scheme to resell the stolen Tacomas for cash. The LAPD reports that just last month alone 10 Toyota Tacomas were stolen.

Toyota Tacoma Theft

As used market pricing increases, Toyota Tacoma theft increases right along with it

It is possible that this particular model is being targeted more than others because of a very high resale value. Thieves sell the stolen pickup for a few thousand dollars under the Kelley Blue Book price, using a few tricks to delay detection of the stolen vehicle. This puts cash in the thief’s pocket, but leaves the both previous and new owner (who unwitting bought stolen property) out to dry.

LAPD auto-theft detective, Jeana Franco commented to “I believe that it is organized, summing up what many law enforcement officials are beginning to conclude about the stolen trucks.”

Some victims, like Kevin Warner, are lucky enough to have gotten their stolen vehicles back.

“I was driving home with my wife. We got to a stop sign and she said, ‘Look, there goes somebody with your truck,'” Warner said, explaining that when he called the insurance company, his agent told him that he received reports of several clients reporting their Tacomas being stolen.

All vehicle owners are advised to keep their cars and trucks safe by locking and alarm systems. Also when purchasing a new vehicle, check the VIN (vehicle identification number) numbers before you purchase it.

There’s a silver lining to this news; thieves wouldn’t target the Tacoma if it wasn’t so popular… it’s good to have a truck everyone wants, isn’t it?

Original Source: ABC Local News, L.A.

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