Automobile Magazine Editors Review Tacoma – What Was Said

The Editors at Automobile Magazine produced an interesting review of the 2011 Toyota Tacoma a few weeks ago. Generally speaking, they all seemed to find the truck to be a fun ride. However, there were some complaints too.

Automobile Magazine 2011 Toyota Tacoma review summary

Summary of notes and comments from Automobile Magazine review of 2011 Toyota Tacoma

Here’s a summary of that review and some of the highlights:

Several of the reviewers felt this way:

“The Tacoma embodies automotive traits that I usually disdain — an uncomfortable ride, wobbly handling, binary brake feel — but for some reason I like it. ”

– Jake Holmes, Associate Web Editor

“Is this a De Lorean? It sure feels like a time machine. Old switchgear teamed with a trucky ride and a workmanlike powertrain to instantly transport me back a decade or so. But I’m not complaining. ”

– Rusty Blackwell, Copy Editor

Of the negative impressions beyond the aesthetic, the rough handling was the only recurring theme, with 4 of the 7 reviewers specifically mentioning it. Note, none felt that it was an exceptionally rough ride for pickup trucks in general, simply that the rougher ride found in virtually all pickups caused by the lack of weight over the rear wheels is extremely noticeable in such a light vehicle. For an owner who demands a sedan-like ride, no small pickup will fit the bill.

Non-technical, visceral impressions were extremely good, with the only negative comment being put forth by Jennifer Misaros, Managing Editor, Digital Platforms:

“My only comment after driving the Tacoma home after a particularly late evening at work is that the interior could use additional ambient lighting for nighttime driving.”

Weighing against this were several compliments on the styling and “fun factor” of the truck:

“Getting behind the wheel is empowering; I feel like I could drive the Tacoma anywhere, over anything, for any reason.”

-Jake Holmes, Associate Web Editor

“The Tacoma is a great truck with hearty power delivery in the middle of the rev range, a pleasant cabin, and a nice set of convenience features. ”

-Eric Tingwall, Assistant Editor

“If I were in the market for a light-hauling and outdoors-oriented vehicle, the Tacoma would be the first place I’d turn.”

-Matt Tierney, Art Director

This Tacoma is good-looking, too; it even caught the eye of my Chevy-loving brother-in-law. The seats felt a bit flat to me, but the little Toyota became more and more cozy, familiar, and desirable over a weekend…”

– Rusty Blackwell, Copy Editor

The overall impression left by the seven reviewers is that anyone in the market for a midsized pickup with nice styling that is pleasurable should give the Tacoma a long look.