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Crossfab Light Bar for the Toyota Tacoma

Mounting aftermarket or off-road lights on your Toyota Tacoma doesn’t have to mean drilling holes in your stock bumper or installing an aggressive roll bar and bush guard.  Adding a simple light bar can be a much more affordable way to improve your forward illumination, especially when you choose to go with a product from Crossfab.

A head-on look at the Crossfab light bar for the Toyota Tacoma.

Crossfab is a company that builds a variety of different racks, steps and bars for pickup truck owners, but one of its most intriguing products is its front-end light bar for the second generation Toyota Tacoma.  Made of steel and powder coated in black, the Crossfab light bar is designed to mount in front of the Tacoma’s bumper and provides a single-bar horizontal rack that is contoured to match the factory bumper cover.  This offers plenty of room to mount round or rectangular driving lights while still allowing enough airflow between each light to keep the radiator cool.

The Crossfab light bar seen from the side.

One of the most appealing aspects of the Crossfab Tacoma light bar is the fact that it doesn’t require any cutting of stock components or welding in order to achieve a secure mount.  Crossfab claims that the piece is 100 percent bolt-on, which makes it a snap to install at home in your own driveway.  Although Crossfab has an off-road feel to its marketing, there’s no need to mount giant Hella or KC lights on the front of your truck if all your are looking to do is improve visibility around town.  A pair of LED light bars, or a small set of Bosch driving lights would look just as slick on a street truck as the usual suspects would appear on a trail-driving rig.

Is there a downside to the Crossfab light bar?  Well, the unit does have TRD stamped across the lower steel plate that hangs just below the light mounting points.  Given that the part isn’t produced by Toyota, it might seem a bit “poseur-ish” to flash a “counterfeit” TRD logo.  However, with a price of just $220, plus $40 shipping within the United States, it’s hard to argue with how much of a bargain the product really is.  The TRD plate also gives you plenty of room to hide and protect your wiring, which gives the light bar a cosmetic advantage over some of its competitors.

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