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Spyder Halo Projector Headlights for the Toyota Tacoma

Halo projector lights have gained popularity in the automotive aftermarket ever since they were first introduced by BMW as “angel eyes,” which were engineered as illuminated halos that ringed new-style projector beams while maintaining the traditional circular BMW headlight look. Halo lights are now universal enough that their BMW origins have largely been forgotten, and the aftermarket has expanded to the point where you can affordably install this type of projector light on your Toyota Tacoma.

Spyder headlights for the Toyota Tacoma.

Spyder Headlights makes a set of attractive halo projector headlights for the first and second-gen Tacoma truck. Retailing at just over $200 per set, these lights are an inexpensive way to make your pickup stand out from the crowd. The headlights are DOT approved and maintain the stock bulbs, and they also plug right into the stock wiring harness without the need for any cutting or hacking.

Easy Headlight Installation

In fact, the ease of installation is one of the selling points of the Spyder halo headlights. These projector units are quite honestly plug-and-play replacements for the stock lights, fitting perfectly into the space occupied by the original headlights. Simply remove the bolts on the headlight surround (older trucks) and the bolts holding in the original headlight housing and then pull out the factory light setup and replace it with the Spyder halo lights. That’s it – no fuss, no muss, with the Spyder product fitting in perfectly with the contours of the Tacoma’s trim and body panels.

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There are a few things to keep in mind with the Spyder Headlights halo units. Depending on how adventurous you feel about wiring up the daytime running lights (halos and LEDs) that come with some of the Spyder offerings, you can choose to either maintain the stock wiring harness setup or instead wire the DRL’s individual to their own 12-volt switched or unswitched power source. Some owners have also complained about low light levels coming from the low beam projectors, which in some cases was resolved through careful adjusting.

A Tacoma Makeover Starts With New Headlights

Pitting, sandblasted and faded headlight housings can really age the front end of your Tacoma. Installing new headlight housings is a great way to give your truck a facelift, and by opting for the Spyder halo projectors you also gain a stylish look that adds a custom touch to your truck’s overall appearance.

With prices so attractively low (less than $200), these units should be considered alongside factory replacement options when it comes time to install a new set of headlights.

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