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BDS Suspension 2.5-inch Lift Kit for the Toyota Tacoma

BDS Suspension has been building components and kits for off-road use for the past 15 years. The company was initially created to respond to the perceived lack of enthusiast-oriented options in the off-road market, with those behind the initiative specifically looking to “set right” some of the problems that they had encountered with pricing, dealer networks and warranties. This lead to the development of policies like the “No Fine Print” warranty (also known as the “No BS Hardcore Lifetime Warranty”) that has helped customers feel comfortable with abusing BDS suspension gear out on the trail and not have to worry that the head office would later complain when it came time to make a product claim.

4 Wheel & Off-Road installed the 2-inch lift kit available for the Tacoma from BDS and found it easy to work with and smooth-riding on the pavement.

Toyota Tacoma owners can take advantage of the BDS Suspension philosophy towards customer service, as well as the seriously rough and rugged build quality of its products by installing the 2.5-inch lift kit that the brand offers for the compact truck. This lift kit is designed to allow the use of 32-inch tires, and is ranked right in the middle of the company’s installation difficulty scale, making it a safe bet for shade tree mechanics to take a crack at.

BDS Suspension 2.5-inch Lift Kit components.

The BDS Suspension Toyota Tacoma kit doesn’t require any cutting or welding, and comes with a single-piece top space / upper strut mount for the front of the truck. The rear lift comes courtesy of an “add-a-leaf” thin leaf spring, which is an interesting option compared to the axle blocks that are typically used to jack up the rear of the Tacoma. 5500 series BDS shocks are also included with the kit, and 9500 shocks are available for a bit more money should more aggressive damping be required.

Adding an extra leaf to the rear suspension might make your Tacoma ride a bit harsher when empty, but it is an elegant lift solution that works with the factory suspension designed without having to dramatically relocate any mounting points. Priced at just a hair under $400, the BDS Suspension 2.5-inch Toyota Tacoma lift kit is also a fairly affordable, especially considering the high quality of the kit’s components, as well as the lifetime warranty coverage on each included item.

The kit is available for 1995 to 2004 Toyota Tacoma trucks, which leaves out second-gen owners. However, BDS has just shown off a lift kit for 2005 and up Tacomas at the 2011 SEMA show, and rumor has it the kit will be available for purchase anytime now.

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