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Toyota Tacoma Headers – Part II – Doug Thorley, JBA, and More

In the first part of this two-post series on Toyota Tacoma exhaust headers we discussed how this particular aftermarket component can help your truck’s engine make more power. There are a few different players on the Tacoma header market, so let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular header options currently available.

Doug Thorley Headers

Doug Thorley headers for the Tacoma.

Doug Thorley is one of the biggest names in the header business, and the company makes a complete range of products that covers the 1995-2004 Toyota Tacoma four and six-cylinder engines, as well as the 2005-2007 Tacoma power plants. Doug Thorley headers feature the company’s exclusive “tri-Y” design that improves scavenging and helps to avoid torque loss at low rpm’s. The Thorley units can be ordered in either ceramic-coated or chrome steel, and aslo offer cat-friendly or off-road only designs. Some of the Doug Thorley headers specifically state that they cannot be combined with a lift kit, so you should double-check with regards to fitment if you pickup is taller than stock.

Doug Thorley Headers retail between $300 and $800, depending on whether ceramic coating is ordered and whether the four or the six-cylinder (two header set) is specified.


Pacesetter headers for the Tacoma.

Pacesetter has positioned itself as one of the most affordable aftermarket exhaust companies servicing the Tacoma, and although it only offers headers for four-cylinder editions of the 1995-2000 model, the price point is hard to beat. Pacesetter headers can be had for either $175 or $285. The cheaper headers offer a black painted finish, while the more expensive units come with the company’s “armor coat.”


JBA headers for the Tacoma.

JBA headers can be found in a number of interesting configurations. All JBA headers feature a “shorty” design, and although the company covers both generations of the Tacoma (1995 to 2009), the company only offers headers for V6 models. JBA headers for the Tacoma V6 come in stainless steel, silver ceramic coated and titanium ceramic coated versions.

JBA headers are priced in the middle of the pack, starting at around $380 and maxing out in the neighborhood of $675. Once again, pricing depends on coating options, with bare stainless steel headers representing the baseline.


Gibson headers for the Tacoma.

Gibson is another reliable aftermarket exhaust brand that manufactures headers for the Toyota Tacoma. Gibson focuses on 2001-2004 editions of the Tacoma that are outfitted with the V6 engine, providing both ceramic coated and stainless steel headers that are $100 apart in price ($525 versus $625).

Gibson also offers a set of headers for the 2.4-liter, four-cylinder 1995 Toyota Tacoma as a sort of “carry-over” from its 80’s Toyota pickup program. These units can be had for around $500.

NOTE: If you’re thinking about buying some headers but you’re not sure about how well they’ll work, check out our Doug Thorley headers interviews on