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2005+ Toyota Tacoma Fender Flare Options

If you have been searching for add-on fender flares for your 2005 and up Toyota Tacoma, you might have already discovered that there really aren’t all that many options out there.  While there are a number of different companies building complete fiberglass fender and bedside replacements that include aggressive flaring, there are only two manufacturers serving the stand-alone fender flare market.  Let’s take a look at what Tacoma owners have to choose from when looking to add fender flares to their pickups.

Bushwacker Pocket Style Flares.

Bushwacker Pocket Style Flares

Bushwacker’s Pocket Style Toyota Tacoma Fender Flares are built out of Dura-Flex thermoplastic, which the company claims will not crack or warp no matter how much time it spends in the sun, how cold it gets in the winter or how much twisting it receives out on the trail.  Like any add-on plastic component, you might have to sand or fill the flares in order to achieve a flush look, but the rest of the install process is relatively simple using the brand’s clip and screw system.

Bushwacker Pocket Style flares come in black and can be painted to match the color of your truck, or they can be ordered already painted in an OEM hue directly from the manufacturer. Both editions also offer stainless steel pocket bolts to help accessorize the flares. There is a considerable price difference between the unpainted and pre-painted flare sets, with the former starting at around $250 and the latter starting out at over $400.  Each set of Bushwacker flares comes with a one-year warranty.

Pazer Performance Rubber Flares.

Pacer Performance Rubber Fender Flares

Pacer Performance Rubber Fender Flares tackle fender extension from an entirely different angle.  Not quite as stylish as the Bushwacker offerings, but much, much cheaper, these simple synthetic rubber fender flares offer additional tire coverage with a no fuss, drill-on installation.  More of a fender lip extension than a full flare, the Pacer units come in sets of four for a mere $32.99, or can be ordered in a 25-foot roll.  Each set comes with all required mounting components, but if you order a roll, you are on your own in terms of installing the rubber flares as no additional hardware is included.

They might not be pretty, but the Pacer Performance flares get the job done.  These inexpensive flares are a good option for Tacoma owners who live in states where they must absolutely cover their off-road tires, and who don’t want to invest in a pricier flare that could get damaged while four-wheeling.

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