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Skyjacker Supension Platinum Series Lift Kit for the Toyota Tacoma

The Toyota Tacoma can be considered a blank canvas for off-roaders eager to push the well-built mid-size truck platform to the very limit. One of the first mods installed by most trail drivers is a suspension lift, and a number of popular kits are available on the aftermarket that provide varying degrees of ground clearance and ease-of-installation. Today, we’re going to look at the Skyjacker Platinum Series lift kit.

Skyjacker Platinum Series Lift Kit – What’s In The Box

Skyjacker Lift Kit

The Skyjacker Platinum Series kit.

Skyjacker Suspension’s Platinum Series lift kit for the 2005-2011 Toyota Tacoma offers adjustable coilover suspension for the front of the truck and an additional leaf spring pack for the rear. The front coilover allows for between 2 and 3 inches of lift to be dialed in, while the rear coil pack boosts ride height by 1.5 to 2 inches, thanks to the inclusion of an additional leaf compared to stock. An add-a-leaf option is also available for those who don’t want to swap out their rear springs (although given the reputation surrounding Tacoma leaf springs, it’s probably a good idea to go the replacement route). The coilovers feature aluminum alloy, Teflon-coated stainless steel bearings and Softride springs, designed in such a way to reduce banging and clanking while pivoting. The kit can also be had with optional rear shocks.

The Skyjacker Kit In Action had the chance to put the Skyjacker Suspension kit through its paces after installation, and they were impressed by how much the lift improve the Tacoma’s ability to tackle inclines. Although their truck was wearing slightly more aggressive rubber compared to stock, with a larger overall diameter, the Toyota added nine degrees to its approach angle and five degrees to its departure angle (42 degrees and 25 degrees, respectively).

Tacoma Coil-Over Lift Kit Skyjacker Platinum

The Tacoma after the Skyjacker kit installation.

The truck also added four inches of clearance between its front bumper to the ground (21 inches total) and 2.5 inches between the rear bumper and the pavement (19 inches total). All of this was achieved without sacrificing ride or handling, even at highway speeds.

Skyjacker A Solid Tacoma Lift Option was quite happy with the overall performance and ease of installation of the Skyjacker Platinum Series lift kit for the Toyota Tacoma. One caveat: it was necessary to trim the inner fender lining after kit installation, and the factory mud flaps had to be removed due to rubbing. However, this issue could have been due to the larger tires that the truck was running. Minor adjustments like this should not stand in the way of anyone looking for a well-put-together lift kit for the Tacoma that retails for around $1100 (platinum series with coil-overs, new rear leafs, etc.) or as little as $400 for a more basic kit.

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