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Back to the Future 1985 Toyota Tacoma Teased

Toyota is such a tease! A new Toyota Mirari advertising campaign is tying in the Back to the Future movies AND includes what looks to be either a one-off custom or a special edition Toyota Tacoma (TRD Pro?).

Back to the Future 1985 Toyota Tacoma Teased

Could it be?!?

The correlation between the movies is the upcoming date of October 21, 2015. This is the fictional date where Michael J. Fox’s character Marty McFly flies back to in Back to the Future II. It is also the date when the first of Toyota’s new hydrogren-powered cars, the Mirari, will be delivered to California customers.

Toyota already released a video showing Doc, Christopher Lloyd, and Michael J. Fox discussing the futuristic items in the movies and what is available now.

Adding to the momentum is the photo (above) of the Statler dealership that offered the sought-after 1985 Toyota Tacoma McFly’s character yearned to get. As the salesman pulls back the cover, we can see a set of KC Daylighters and a roll bar.

Presumably, we will find out all the details on the truck on October, 21, 2015. Until then, let’s hope it is more than just a one-off!