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Toyota Tacoma TRD Supercharger DEAD

Toyota has recently announced it is ending its TRD Supercharger program. This means, Tacoma fans will have to look elsewhere to boost engine performance.

Toyota Tacoma TRD Supercharger DEAD

This Toyota TRD Supercharger will soon be no more.

The TRD Supercharger has long been a topic of discussion on various fan forums due to its performance improvements. For example, a stock Tacoma Tacoma V6 produces 236-HP and 266 lb.-ft. of torque. Put a Supercharger on it and performance is boosted to 307-HP 330 lb.-ft. of torque. It also gave you more of that “pushed back in the seat feeling.”

Officially, Toyota’s Midwest Spokesperson Rick Bourgoise says a variety of factors lead to its demise like R&D costs and changes in fuel economy standards.

“Increasing legacy costs associated with the recalibration of an expanding pool of past model year vehicles, along with rising development/engineering expenses and evolving emissions requirements have negatively impacted the program’s return on investment to the point where it is no longer financially viable to offer these products for sale,” Bourgoise said.

Toyota joins all other OEM’s as not offering a Supercharger. We understand aftermarket companies will continue to develop them.

The plan is to sell down existing stock and then not produce anymore.