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Toyota Tacoma Heater Not Working? Don’t Stay in the Cold, Diagnosis Inside…

Tacoma Heater

With the weather having turned remarkably wintry in the past few weeks it’s an important time for you to have your heaters working properly. If yours isn’t working how you would like it to then read through the following guide, it’ll cover the common reason for failure and give you some tips on how to repair them.

There are a few different issues that you might have with your Tacoma’s heater not working, the most common are:

  1. No air blowing.
  2. The blower only working on certain settings (1 and 2 working fine, but nothing from 3 and 4 for example).
  3. Only blowing cold air.

No Air Blowing

This can be an easy fix depending on the symptoms. If when you turn the heaters on in your truck you can hear the fans blowing and you can feel a temperature difference at the vent but there’s no air coming out then it’s quite likely that the issue you have is the cabin air filter. This may have become clogged up with debris over time. The best way to fix this is to install a new filter and clear out some of the debris that may still be in the system near to where the filter sits. This video will show you how to get to you filter and gives you a good example on what sort of debris you can build up over a few years.

Blower Only Working On Certain Settings

If your heater will only work on certain settings and the others there’s no reaction at all from the fans then it’s a telltale symptom of the blower motor resistor have blown. Thankfully, this isn’t a difficult part to replace. The resistor will be located behind the glove-box on the passenger side next to the blower motor itself. This video will show you how to replace the resistor and also how to replace the connector for it. It’s not always necessary to replace the connector but if you notice anything untoward on it then it’s worth changing while you have access to it.

Only Blowing Cold Air

This can be due to one of two problems, you can either have a) a bad thermostat, or b) air or a blockage in you heater core. To find out if your thermostat is working properly then the best thing to do is to drive your truck for a couple of blocks and see if the temperature gauge gets up to the normal temperature. If it does then you mot likely have air or a blockage in the heater core, if it doesn’t and it stays low then the thermostat is stuck open.

Fortunately, the Tacoma thermostat is very easy to get to unlike other vehicle so changing this part shouldn’t take you too long. This video gives you a good guide on how to do it. Just remember to do this when the engine is cold and has been turned off for about an hour as you will be coming into contact with some fluids that can be hot.

If the temperature gauge did get up to temperature as normal then you will need to flush out you heater core to remove any blockages or air that has been built up in it. To test and make sure that there is a blockage you can check the temperature of the hoses going into the radiator when the truck has been running for a while. If you notice a distinct temperature difference between the two then there is most likely a blockage.

You can take your vehicle to a specialist to have this job done but if you would rather save that money and do it yourself then this video will give you a good guide on how to do it safely. As with the thermostat you do need to give the engine time to cool down before you start this job.