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Toyota Tacoma Horn Not Working? We Can Help!

If your horn has stopped working it can just be a minor annoyance and a simple fix, it can however, be a symptom of a much bigger underlying issue with the vehicle. We’re going to show you the best way to diagnose the problem and have everything working how it should.

Toyota Tacoma

Check the Fuses

This is the first place to look when this problem comes about. The Tacoma uses a 10A fuse for the horn. Check all of the fuses and if any of them are blown then replace them. If the fuses are fine then there may be a bigger problem.

Clean the Steering Wheel Contacts

There is also the possibility that the contact for the horn has become built up with dirt. Many people have had this issue due to the fact that this runs down the steering column. If you spray the bearings in the steering column with WD-40 it can help loosen some of this build-up and may give you the results that you are looking for.

Check the Relay

If the fuses and contacts are fine, the next step is to see if the relay in the system is working. The easiest way to test this is to park up somewhere quiet and press the horn.

  • If the relay is making a noise then the problem could be with the horn. The easiest way to test this is to check if there is a current running to the horn. Attach a voltmeter to the horn and check the reading when the switch is pressed. If there is a current then you can replace the horn.
  • If the relay isn’t making a noise then there is either no current going to the relay or the relay itself may be the problem. Attach a voltmeter to the relay and ground and see if there is a current going there. If there is then you will need to replace the relay. If there isn’t then you will need to check the spiral cable behind the airbag in the steering wheel.

Check or Replace the Spiral Cable

This is the trickiest part to check with this problem as it involves removing the airbag to check. It’s recommended that you see a specialist you have this done but it will not be a cheap job. If you want to try this yourself then be careful. There are a lot of steps involved when it comes to changing this part, this video will give you a good guide on how to check and change the part if needed.