Top 10 Off-Roading Destinations of 2014

Summer may be ending soon, but you still have time to tear up some dirt, tackle some boulders and hit the trails. Here are the top 10 off-roading destinations for Tacoma owners.

Top 10 Off-Roading Destinations of 2014

Looking for an adventure? Here are 10 top off-roading spots to hit like the Rubicon Trail.

Rubicon Trail, California

If you go off-roading, you know about the Rubicon Trail. Heck, you have probably heard your Jeep friends talking about it. But, the Tacoma can handle it as well. However, this trail will test your metal as you spend up to 4 days conquering the length of it.

One note: this trail isn’t ready for a stock Tacoma to tackle it solo. You will need to spend some time on modifications and find a trail buddy. Don’t fret, if the Toyota 4Runner can tackle the Rubicon, so can you.

Moab, Utah

You can’t think off-road without thinking about Moab. It is simply one of the most iconic and well-known off-roading destinations in the U.S. From its rocky heights, sandy trails and steep inclines, there is a trail out there calling your name. The best part? You can tackle some impressive obstacles with a relatively stock truck…even a set of basic tires will do just fine on the high traction sandstone rock faces.

Johnson Valley, California

An off-road area so awesome it is home to a legendary competition, Johnson Valley, California is another top destination in the U.S. Each year, the “King of the Hammers” off-road race is held in this desolate place. While the scenery may remind you of an old western, the off-roading experience will probably just remind you that off-roading is an expensive hobby (reading between the lines, this area breaks a lot of parts).

Silver Lake Dunes, Michigan

You may not immediately connect sand dunes and Michigan, but you should. Located on the western section of the lower part of Michigan is Silver Lake Dunes. This sand oasis has large crests to power over with views stretching for miles at the top. Just make sure you pickup a dune flag as you enter. The dunes are so high, it is a must to spot other vehicles.

Superlift ORV, Arkansas

Don’t think all the best travels are way out west. The privately-funded Superlift ORV park in central Arkansas is a fun spot for off-road enthusiasts. The use permits may be a little higher than other parks, but the experience is top notch.

Ouray, Colorado

You knew at some point Colorado would make our list. The state is home to some amazing scenery and incredible off-road venues like Ouray. The “Switzerland of America” is known for its scenery and winter ice climbing. Located near the Montrose regional airport, Ouray is exclusively accessed via Highway 550 – the “Million Dollar Highway.” If you are looking for an off-road experience combined with scenic Alpine-themed hotels, Ouray is your place.

Ocala National Forest

Florida makes an appearance on our list with the Ocala National Forest. While the western Tacoma fans may drive their trucks over boulders, the southern Tacoma drivers tear up the mud. This forest is a great spot with its more than 500 natural lakes and ponds. These water features are joined by 125 miles of trails to create a unique off-road experience.

Las Cruces, New Mexico

Back to the western U.S. we go with the 5.4 million acre Bureau of Land Management terrain in Las Cruces, New Mexico. This land includes an amazing 45,000 miles of trails and roads. Tacoma owners can pack a tent for an overnight stay at one of the nearby Organ Mountain National Recreation Area after hitting the trail all day. It is a great destination for some incredible off-roading.

Imogene Pass, Colorado

If you are looking to get high, there is no better place than Colorado to do that. We don’t mean that kind of high. High in elevation rather with Imogene Pass at 13,114 feet.

This pass is the second most-elevated trail of its kind (Pikes Peak is 1,000) and it isn’t a Sunday drive. The trial will test your off-road rig and your ability to handle the terrain. Stop off at Telluride for supplies and then hang on. It is going to be a bumpy ride.

Whipsaw Trail, British Columbia

If you want to really try something new, head north across the border to the Whipsaw Trail, British Columbia. This trail crosses not one, but two mountains while it winds from the Hope-Princeton Highway to the tiny village of Coalmont. The old mining road is only for the truly adventurous off-road enthusiast since you can encounter numerous obstacles and rapidly changing weather conditions. For those ardent enough to take it on, the trail’s scenery is breathtaking.

Have you been on any of these trails? Which one/s are your favorite?