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TRD Parts and Accessories For The Toyota Tacoma

What follows is meant to be a comprehensive list of TRD performance parts and accessories available for 2005 and newer Toyota Tacomas. We haven’t listed off any of the dress-up parts like oil filler caps, radiator caps, etc…that stuff is cool, but it doesn’t feed the machine, so we don’t mess with it.

If you have a question about a part, or if it looks like we’re missing something from our list, please comment below.

TRD Supercharger for 4.0 Tacomas

Tacoma TRD Supercharger

65 more horsepower and 56 lb-ft of torque for only $4,500 (plus install)

  • Available On: Most 2005-2010 4.0 Tacomas
  • Part No: PTR29-35090 and PTR29-35091 (fit kit)
  • Cost: $4,500

From TRD:Features air-to-liquid intercooler, produces 304 hp @ 5,400 rpm and 334 lb.-ft. torque @ 3,600 rpm (up from 239 hp @ 5200 rpm; 278 lb.-ft. @ 3700 rpm). Uses Eaton Roots-type rotating components in a compact one-piece, supercharger plenum/manifold casting that integrates the heat exchanger core for the intercooler. Integral by-pass valve prevents supercharger from going into “boost” when driving at a steady state of speed such as on the highway or light traffic. Takes less than ½ hp to operate when by-pass valve is open, helping reduce parasitic drag from the crankshaft. Includes all necessary hardware for “factory installed” appearance. No cutting, welding or fabrication required for installation. Supercharger has self-contained lubrication, so there’s no maintenance required on supercharger—or supercharger system components.

Notes: Yes, yes, and hell yes. TRD superchargers are powerful, reliable, and can not effect your powertrain warranty if they are installed by your local dealership. If you can swing the $4500 (plus install, which usually ranges from $1200 to $2000), this is the easiest way to add 65 hp to your 4.0 Taco.

More TRD Parts…

TRD Performance Brake Pads

Tacoma TRD brake pads

  • Available On: Most 2005+ Tacomas
  • Part No: PTR09-35086
  • Cost: $95 per pair is suggested retail

From TRD:These high friction performance pads are made from a Kevlar and ceramic-strengthed compound. They provide a great combination of cold and hot friction, maximum operating termperature, and low noise levels. TRD brake pads come with anti-squeal shims.

Notes: TRD states their Kevlar®-ceramic compound is “the best price to performance ratio available in a high performance street pad.” While that may be true, EBC Green Stuff pads and Hawk LTS pads are less expensive and just as well regarded in performance circles as TRD. Factory-backed performance is great, but so is an extra $20-$30 in your pocket.

Like all after-market brake pads, buying these TRD pads is basically trading an improvement in performance for a decrease in usable life. So, if you buy these pads, you’ll be stopping better than before…but you’ll also be buying pads a little more often.

Finally, be sure to follow the bedding procedure to the letter. That’s the best way to maximize both performance and durability.

TRD High Performance Big Front Brakes Kit

Tacoma TRD Big Brake Kit

This kit, made by StopTech, is mostly meant for X-Runners

  • Available On: 2005+ ExtraCabs with manual transmissions
  • Part No: PTR09-35050
  • Cost: $2,499

From TRD:The TRD high performance brake kit helps improve stopping distance, reduce brake fade and realize better modulation and pedal feel. The four-piston opposed fixed caliper design is optimized specifically for the X-Runner, helping to maintain or improve braking torque distribution between the front and rear axles—and achieves shorter braking distances. A patented, directional AeroRotor internal cooling vane design induces greater airflow to cool the rotors, providing consistent performance in repeated or heavy duty braking. The racing-style, two-piece floating rotor assembly with billet aluminum center section helps prevent rotor distortion at high temperatures, promoting even pad wear and a consistent pad feel. The kit also includes performance brake pads and stainless steel braided brake lines.

Notes: This brake kit is sourced directly from StopTech, a well-known name in racing. If you have the means to buy a big brake kit for your X-Runner or ExtraCab 5spd 4×4, go for it. You won’t be disappointed.

TRD Cold Air Intake for 4.0L V6

Tacoma TRD Cold Air Intake

We've never seen any reason to spend more on a TRD cold air intake kit when there are so many quality after-market options with similar performance.

  • Available On: 05′ to 10′ Tacoma 4.0L’s
  • Part No: PTR05-35061 (05′-09′) or PTR03-35090 (most 05′-10′)
  • Cost: $399

From TRD:The dyno-tested TRD performance air intake creates more horsepower and torque by bringing cooler, denser air to the engine from behind and below the headlight area (rather than hot air from the engine compartment). Peak to peak power gain is +11hp @ 4,850 rpm and +19.0 lb.-ft. torque at 3,600 rpm; largest power gain is +15hp @ 3,150 rpm and +25 lb.-ft. torque @ 3,150 rpm (as tested on 06MY Tacoma.)

Notes: As impressive as those numbers are, it’s really important to remember that all cold air intakes improve performance using the same principle: they’re louder. Factory air intakes are somewhat restrictive in order to be as quiet as possible for those buyers who don’t want to hear a lot of throttle noise. If you don’t mind hearing your engine rev, you will like you a cold air intake.

As far as going with TRD, keep in mind that AEM, aFe, Airaid, Injen, K&N, RBP, and Volant all offer cold air intake kits that are at least $100 less. Based on the fact that all of our testing of different Tundra air intakes on arrived at basically the same results, there’s no reason to believe the TRD kit is worth any sort of premium. This is a situation where you want to go after-market.

TRD Cat-back Single Exit Exhaust

Tacoma TRD Single Cat-back Exhaust

  • Available On: Most 05′ and up V6 Tacomas, excluding X-Runner
  • Part No: PT910-89061 or PT910-89060
  • Cost: $495

From TRD:Meticulously engineered to be street-legal while also delivering greater power and tuned for ideal resonance, the easy-to-install TRD cat-back exhaust system adds a distinctive edge to the Tacoma. Features a stainless steel, TRD-logo-etched tip and side exit to maximize departure angle with a unique design that allows for a less restrictive exhaust path resulting in less back pressure – providing an impressive combination of increased horsepower (5-8 wheel hp, depending on application) and a deep, throaty growl.

Notes: TRD exhaust systems are perfect for Toyota owners who don’t mind spending a little bit of a premium for a nearly perfect system. Very few TRD exhaust system owners complain about drone issues that haunt many other after-market exhaust systems. Having said that, this is a relatively quiet system. If you want to really make a statement and/or open things up as much as possible – or if you want a true dual exhaust – this isn’t the right system for you.

TRD Performance Air Filters

  • Available On: Almost all Toyota Products
  • Part No: Varies
  • Cost: $75!

From TRD:Pre-oiled and ready to install. Washable and reusable. This exact drop-in replacement filter will last the life of the vehicle, provide unrivaled engine protection and increase air flow.

Notes: Three words, people: K. And. N. Less than $50, just as good as anything TRD builds, and available everywhere. Don’t spend $75 for a $50 air filter.

TRD Quickshifter

  • Available On: Most 05’+ V6 ExtraCabs or DoubleCabs
  • Part No: PTR04-35051 or PTR04-35052
  • Cost: $349 + TRD shift knob ($30 up to $100)

From TRD:The TRD quick-shifter delivers shifting that’s faster and more positive, courtesy of repositioned pivot points that provide up to a 30-percent shorter shift throw and a sportier, more responsive feel. Featuring a retro-style TRD-branded shift knob to accelerate the vehicle’s unique personality, the high-quality construction features an impressively high strength-to-weight ratio, making it the perfect accessory for high-performance driving.

Notes: Sure, why not. Shorter shifts mean quicker shifts, and that can be a nice benefit on the trail AND at the next stop light race. (Don’t try that at home, kids).

TRD “Beadlock Style” 16″ Rims

Bronze TRD Beadlock 16" rims

  • Available On: Most 05+ 4×4 or PreRunner Tacomas
  • Part No: PTR18-35090-BR
  • Cost: $219 per wheel

From TRD:Constructed of low-pressure cast alloy, these TRD-branded 16-inch off-road beadlock style wheels offer owners a distinctive and rugged upgrade to their stock wheels. They provide a higher strength-to-weight ratio for optimal performance and feature a bronze painted finish and machined outer lip with beadlock styling. TRD-embossed snap-in center cap included.

Notes: These are some nice looking wheels, and we certainly wouldn’t blame anyone for buying them. HOWEVER, after-market cast rims are available in hundreds of colors and sizes, and they usually cost about half as much.

Also, the recommended tire size for these babies is 265/70 R16.

  • Thomas

    Hey guys,

    Great website.
    I love the information you guys offer on this site.

    My question may be a dumb question, but I was wondering if I were to purchase a supercharger kit, would it make sense to also purchase a cold air intake? I am not sure if the cold air intake would be included with the kit or if it would be pointless to get after getting the supercharger.

    Thanks a lot,


    • Jason

      Thomas – That’s not a dumb question at all. The TRD supercharger includes it’s very own air intake, so you do not want to buy one aftermarket if you plan on adding a supercharger later.

      • Levi

        What intake does the TRD supercharger come with? Are you referring to the stock air intake with a new drop in air filter?

        • Jason

          Levi – TRD superchargers have their own TRD airbox included, which has a TRD air filter. In terms of actual performance, I’d guess it’s the same as a regular TRD air intake kit. However, in terms of fit it’s a bit different.

          • Levi

            No, it doesn’t. The TRD supercharger, which is a forced air intake, replaces the stock air intake manifold but you are still required to use the stock air filter box, unless you have a cold air intake installed.

          • Jason

            Levi – My mistake. The Tundra supercharger comes with it’s own unit. I guess the Tacoma does not.

  • baron

    Is there any company or auto mechanic shop who carries parts to enhance power for up hill terrain,I live in a country with lots of hills, and my 2006 Yoyota 4×4 extended cab v6 6 speed manual Transmition is no match for these hill, I has a tough time handling these terrain, I love my truck it’s a great truck,
    I need some form of up grade to enhance the power capacity, these truck was designed for flat countries. I would love if i could find someone or a company who carries the package that i could use. the perfomance is annoying for such a beautiful truck if anyone has an idea or answer to my question leave me a an address in the comment section, I would appreciate it thanks in advance.

    • Jason

      baron – The best TRD accessory for more power is the supercharger…if you’ve got the cash, hills are no problem.

      Otherwise, take a look at a bigger pickup. Cold air intakes, exhaust systems, and performance chips can help, but there’s no replacement for displacement! 🙂

  • Do you think it’s worth spending $4.5k on a super-charger for the Tacoma? I’d as well buy a better vehicle than buying Tacoma, and installing super-charger on it… Anyway, nice list of accessories; I’d try the brake-pads that don’t even cost $100 😀

    • Jason

      TF – The TRD supercharger is the best way to make a Tacoma go fast, but it’s not the best way to make a really fast truck. Your point is well taken.

  • Tom Lund

    Need a better rear bumper for a Toyota Tacoma.

  • Jason

    Tom – There’s a post that’s all about steel bumpers here: – many of the companies on the list make both front and rear bumpers, but as far as I know Toyota doesn’t make any sort of heavy-duty rear bumper for the 05+ Tacoma

  • Very happy with my genuine TRD cold air intake for my TRD Hilux

  • D A Forbes

    TRD “Beadlock Style” 16″ Rims, do you stock 18″ Rims

  • Dave

    I have a 2002 Tacoma (xtra cab 2 wd, 4 cyl.) would like to upgrade the exhaust and intake, convert to 4 wd and give it a small lift.

    Been looking around and want to do the work myself. Im looking for any good online parts stores to get the items myself. Any thoughts and assistance would be appreciated.

    • Jason

      Dave – That’s a hell of a project! I’m sure that you’ve got a good reason to convert a 2wd, but if it were me I’d just buy a 4wd instead!! 🙂

      Anyways, my suggestion for stores would be,,,, and

      • Dave

        Thanks Jason! Im on this kick about being “debt free” and my truck fits me like a glove. Its paid off and i want to make some upgrades. It can be done for a fraction of what it would cost to take out a loan.
        If i get this project off the ground i will share pics.
        Thanks again!

        • Jason

          Dave – Absolutely interested in featuring your truck as you make these upgrades…I think there are a lot of people who would like to learn about converting a 2wd to a 4wd. Feel free to email me –

  • John

    Will the cold air intake improve my gas milage? If so by about how much?

    • Jason

      John – Most people who install an after-market air intake see a 1mpg increase in fuel economy – at least if they keep their foot out of it.

      However, to be fair, we’ve seen similar improvements just by adding a high-flow air filter: http://www.tundraheadquarters......00-on-gas/

  • Kevin

    What all comes in the fit kit for a 06 tacoma supercharger? I found a good deal on a used supercharger but all that comes with it is the supercharger. Will the kit cover the rest? What is the pro’s and con’s to buying used? Thanks for your time!

    • Levi

      Try to find out how many miles are on the supercharger. Most likely you will have no warranty from toyota on the supercharger its self. The fit kit includes everything you need minus the S/C itself. Check out , Use the search function and you will be able to find out anything you need on the 4.0 S/C and fit kit. The TRD S/C was the best upgrade I’ve ever done.

    • Jason

      Kevin – You need a bunch of other components to make the supercharger work – new plugs, a special radiator hook-up, and some misc. other parts. You can see the whole list of parts here (page 2) – NOTE: Instructions are for 2005+ Tacoma

  • Jarrett F

    I have a 2008 Tacoma SR5 PreRunner (not TRD) will TRD accessories such as TRD brake pads, supercharger, or cold air intake fit my truck?

    • Jason

      Jarrett – Absolutely – at least if you buy the right ones. 🙂

  • zeus01

    Wow a nice set going on here, Hopefully they create a full set. Like for the turbo charger, complimenting parts should be TRD also like the S/c, i haven’t seen if the tacho was included as well. Hopefully it does.

  • joe m

    I have a 2011 v6/4.0 TRD Sport Tacoma and a turbo charger is out of the question. I have no expertise in this area so please if anyone answers me talk to me like a child. Will Cold Air Intake, throttle body extender and Black Cat exhaust from manifold add HP. I mean noticeable HP and or gas savings? OR am I just wasting my time and money. I have full cab and crappy power. I’m thing it’s just too heavy. I had standard cab that had punch and better mpg for sure.

    • Jason

      Joe – Air intakes add the most hp, followed by exhaust systems. Combined, you might see a 20hp and 2mpg improvement…and then you might see half of that. If you’re doing these things to increase efficiency, I’m not sure that the ROI is very good.

      If you’re doing these things to make your truck faster, sound better, etc., than the ROI is excellent IMHO. 😉

    • Chris Barncord

      Hay the CAI will give you a noticeable power increase right away, i have a 2010 Trd 4×4 taco with the TRD CAI on it and before i installed it it was a little slugish and i couldn’thear much but i do now. Love my tacoma..

    • albie s

      I have a 2011 TRD Sport Tacoma 4X4 double cab automatic. Installed TRD supercharger and TRD exhaust, brand new animal. Torque way up and no more hunting for lower gears going up hills even pulling my 16 ft trailor w/4000lbs of steel on it. gas mileage close to the same unless I get foot happy picking on F 150’s, Silverado’s, and Hemi’s.

  • Doug

    I’m buying a 2013 TRD V6 Tacoma in Canada and I can’t seem to find any mention of the supercharger anywhere. Is it still offered for the ’12 and ’13 model years?

    • Jason


  • damnthatwasfun

    I have a 07 x-runner with a SC already in it. What else can I do to increase the power? I keep seeing links to the APR X-1 Ecu Controller upgrade. Is it a good idea? Would you advise against it?
    Also thinking about increasing the tire contact patch in the rear to avoid tire spin. Is there a size you would advise for or against?

    • Jason

      dtwf – I’d say that engine computer upgrades are always a worth-while performance upgrade, but I’d also say that once you’ve got a supercharger, there’s not a whole lot more you can do without spending a lot of money. Ways to add power:

      – upgrade engine internal components…super expensive
      – modify the stock transmission with a “shift kit” – offers kits for the Tacoma that make your truck shift a little bit faster, so it runs a little quicker AND it’s stronger. This is pretty affordable too.
      – reduce weight of your truck (not easy to do, but if you can save a couple hundred pounds you’ll see a nice gain at the track)
      – test different intake and exhaust configurations until you find one that works best (good for a few HP)
      – change the stock differential gear ratio – can be a great way to improve acceleration, but the downside is lower fuel economy
      – test different engine maps

      As you can see, not a lot of easy-to-complete tasks.

      Finally, beware engine control modules for Toyota’s that don’t cost hundreds of dollars. There’s one company offering a “chip” for $40 that doesn’t help your truck at all…

    • Levi

      The APR X-1 is no longer available. Your best bet for an ECU upgrade is the UCON EMS. The lowest cost, best choice upgrade for more HPs is a smaller S/C pulley. You can install a pulley in under an hour and get 1.5-2 psi more with no additional upgrades. check Underdog Racing Development for S/C pulleys. If you go smaller than 2.825 inches you will need further upgrades.

      • Tim Esterdahl


        Good to know, thanks!


  • ok… heard conflicting answers… on a 2013 Tacoma 4.0L V6 (…only the SINGLE VVT-i) with supercharger: the S/C and fit-kit don’t come with a CAI… only option is a TRD air filter. IS the TRD CAI compatible / advisable ?? Thanks, guys!

  • dpcdiver

    I’m in the same situation as niterider…..questions. Not sure what the SINGLE VVT-i is, though. Waiting to hear your response. Everything I’ve read says a cold air intake will not work with the supercharger and now I’m reading there is no supercharger for the ’13 4.0L V-6?

    Standing by…

    • Horton

      I am getting a S/C installed right now on my 2013 tacoma 4×4, will be finished tomorrow. Back the subject of cold air intake, can i get a 3rd party cold air intake (K&N) w/ the S/C or the TRD version? Does the S/C intake that comes with it do just fine? or just get a new high flow air filter?

  • Bevan

    Where do I order the exhaust? You guys or someone else?

    • Tim Esterdahl

      Order the exhaust from online sites like


  • dpc diver

    Horton, you’ve had the S/C for almost two months, how does it perform? Were you able to find the answers to your air intake questions?

    • Horton

      The installers @ dealership said not to modify the cold air intake. that the one supplied with the s/c install kit is a TRD, so i’d be losing performance w/ 3rd party. i am doing exhaust next b/c the s/c is too quiet.

  • Peter Athans

    HI and thanks for the informative site and willingness to take on the questions.
    I did a rebuild and supercharger install on a 2011 Taco and it’s great, really blows your hair right back.
    Was wondering if there is a way to quiet it down a bit as long trips leave you a little wrung out from so much noise and vibration. I’ve currently got the TRD exhaust on at the moment.

    • Jason Lancaster

      Pete – Not many ideas, unfortunately. Short of pulling up the carpet and removing the headliner to install some sound-absorbing matting (like HushMat), it’s pretty hard to address the NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness).

      Bottom line, the Tacoma is an entry-level pickup. NVH is one of the areas that automakers cut corners on in their entry level product line (which isn’t to say that your particular Tacoma is entry level, as it’s clearly not. It’s just that Toyota doesn’t include much sound/vibration deadening).

  • Bob Hendrix

    I was looking at your article and pictures of all the goodies (add ons)
    for the Toyota trucks.
    The TRD cold air intake and write up on it caught my eye.
    You mention that thier is a bit of a performace notice .
    But what about getting better mileage?
    I have heard alot of pros and cons about cold air intakes.