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1983 Toyota Hilux Lifted Show Truck – eBay Find

When Toyota introduced the Hilux to the U.S. years ago, they imagined people would have a great time and do many things with it. Yet, they may not have imagined this beautiful 1983 Toyota Hilux lifted show truck. We are glad someone imagined it, this thing is amazing.

1983 Toyota Hilux Lifted Show Truck - eBay Find

This stunning 1983 Toyota Hilux lifted show truck can be yours.

We found this truck via eBay at this listing. It is currently sitting at an opening bid of $6,500.

1983 Toyota Hilux Lifted Show Truck - eBay Find

The box features a unique hydraulic dump/tilt bed.

Officially, the owner says it features:

  • Stainless stepside bed
  • Hydraulic dump/tilt bed
  • Dana 60 in rear and dana 44 up front both with straight axles
  • Dual exhaust with Flowmaster super 10 mufflers
  • 42″ super Swamper TSL’s, will clear 44’s
  • Custom built roll bar with lights
1983 Toyota Hilux Lifted Show Truck - eBay Find

The Chevy 350 is a stalwart engine and should do a great job powering this truck.

Powering this truck is a Chevy 350 motor with Kevlar-lined race band shift kit for quicker snappier shifts. It also has a Edelbrock thunder series AVS carb and ceramic coated headers. The stock engine for that year was a 2.4 L that most likely doesn’t have the torque to turn these massive tires even with different gearing in the rear.

In case you didn’t know the Hilux was built for the U.S. until 1995 when the Tacoma debuted.

The owner says the truck has won many car shows and been in magazines. It was their daily driver until a few years ago.

Overall, the owner says the truck runs very good, but is no longer “show ready” thanks to chrome pitting and rusting. Also, the steering wheel is a little loose (they used it to pull themselves into the cab) and it needs new brakes and rear shocks.

1983 Toyota Hilux Lifted Show Truck - eBay Find

Overall, it is a very clean lifted Hilux that with just a little TLC can be a show truck again.

This list really isn’t that bad for a 30+ year truck. With just a little TLC, you could have a really nice show ready truck.

What do you think? Stud or dud?

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