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New Mid-size Fiat/Ram Truck Coming Soon?

Spy photographers have spotted a new Fiat/Ram mid-size truck being tested in Michigan. Could Ram be thinking of reentering the mid-size truck market? Or is Fiat working on importing a U.S. version of their Strada?

New Mid-size Fiat/Ram Truck Coming Soon?

This heavily camouflaged mid-size truck was recently spotted in Michigan. Is Ram seriously considering a mid-size truck?

For several years, Chrysler executives have been talking about offering a new mid-size truck. This is the first time, we have seen spy photos of such a truck. While the truck is still a long way from being offered, it would be an interesting competitor to the Toyota Tacoma.

There are many interesting possibilities for this new truck. One of the big possibilities is that the truck could be built on the Fiat Stada platform. This would allow Ram to realize real-world savings through parts sharing.

Also, it may be built on the often-rumored uni-body frame. Ram hasn’t been shy on shaking things up in the full-size market and a uni-body mid-size truck would be a first (Honda sees the Ridgeline as a full-size truck). While uni-body structure may give up some of the towing and off-road prowess of the truck frame trucks, it does offer a smoother ride and weighs less (better fuel economy).

Another possibility is for Ram to really change up the market by offering a bunch of “segment firsts.” This would follow what they have done in their commercial lineup. This means, the truck may have:

  • Uni-body frame
  • Rear coil springs (no leaf)
  • 8-speed transmission
  • Ram box storage


New Mid-size Fiat/Ram Truck Coming Soon?

The test mule could be a few years out still.

Offering a mid-size truck makes a lot of sense for Ram with regards to market share and increasing the diversity of their product lineup. Also, it would help their commercial side by offering a mid-size fleet option.

Plus, if the truck is badged as a Fiat, this would help drive traffic to those dealerships. So far, Fiat has struggled to capture significant market share and any way to drive traffic to their dealerships would be a boon to their business.

On the other hand, it could be a bad idea as well. Ram would be offering a new product in a highly competitive market dominated by Toyota. This couldĀ limit their sales volume until they establish themselves. Also, this segment is known for having lower profits than the larger trucks. Adding these things together means Ram would have a lot of money tied up in the mid-size market. With these resources tied up, they would be limited in developing new technologies.

Ultimately, having another competitor would be a good thing for Toyota. More competition would further push Toyota to significantly upgrade the Tacoma – a move fans have been clamoring for.

What do you think? Would you be interesting in a Ram/Fiat mid-size truck?