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GMC Canyon, Chevy Colorado HP and Towing – Barely Tops Tacoma

GM has revealed its GMC Canyon and Chevy Colorado horsepower and towing numbers. While they barely best the Tacoma for now, it isn’t by a landslide.

GMC Canyon, Chevy Colorado HP and Towing - Barely Tops Tacoma

GM has released HP and torque numbers for their new compact trucks. These numbers barely top the Tacoma.

The 2015 GMC Canyon and Chevy Colorado will come with two different engines for now. These engines put out barely more horsepower and towing than the Tacoma.

Here is how the engines stack up:

Model/Engine4 Cylinder6 CylinderMax. Towing
Chevy Colorado/
GMC Canyon
200 HP
191 lb-ft torque
305 HP
269 lb-ft torque
Nissan Frontier2.5L:
152 HP
171 lb-ft torque
261 HP
281 lb-ft torque
Toyota Tacoma2.7L:
159 HP
180 lb-ft torque
236 HP
266 lb-ft torque

This information gives us a snapshot of how things are starting to look. However, the important information like price and MPG have yet to be released.

Our guess is Toyota will improve their engine via gaining performance efficiency by tweaking the combustion process to match or better the GM twins.

Also, remember there will be a diesel option from GM later next year. And Nissan may put the Cummins-diesel Frontier into production. No word from Toyota on diesel offerings for the Tacoma.

What is pretty surprising to us is how close the 6-cylinder EcoTec engine is to the much older Toyota engine. We had expected the new GM engine to be substantially better on paper than the Tacoma. However, with just 3 more ft-lbs of torque and 50+ horsepower, we suspect it will feel pretty even to the average consumer.

What do you think? Are these “segment-leading” statistics that big of a deal?

  • RZChief

    Almost 70 more hp is a decent bump, but the torque is almost the same. That’s curious. As far as towing, 500# more isn’t all that much, but I don’t think many people buy a mid-size truck specifically for towing. Mid-size buyers like myself I believe are looking at overall size and economy and the lack of a need for a full size truck. If we’re going to tow, we make sure we don’t tow anything that exceeds the capabilities of the truck. On another note, could they make the new Colorado look anymore like a Tacoma? Lights, grill, side profile, mirrors, even the wheels look similar. Way to be original GM.

    • Tim Esterdahl


      Agreed. Sure 70 HP is an increase, it isn’t that big of an accomplishment versus Toyota’s old engine.


      • RZChief90

        That’s true. It almost seems like GM just wanted to better the Tacoma and not really be innovative. I’m really surprised they’re waiting a full model year before bringing out the diesel. I can hear the commercials now, “more horsepower, torque, and towing capacity than Toyota Tacoma”.

        • Tim Esterdahl


          The way I understand it is the diesel wasn’t ready for this model year. Something about passing EPA emissions, production constraints, etc… My assumption is they would have preferred to launch it this year.

          Now, I will say a really powerful Diesel engine with a good price point would really impress me.


  • You know who

    Hi Tim,

    I’m a big fan of the Tacoma, with that being said your statement of the new GM midsize trucks: “These engines put out barely more horsepower…” Is a bad statement.

    The 2.5L I4 from GM puts out amost 26% more hp than the 2.7L I4 from Toyota. The 3.6L V6 from GM puts out almost 30% more hp than the 4.0L V6 from Toyota. That’s not BARELY and keep in mind that they are smaller displacement,

    More importatnly the torque values are very similar however it will be interesting to see at what RPM the GM achieve the given torque values. If they’re achieved at a lower RPM than the Toyota engines its another win for GM.

    Toyota really needs to update the powertrain for the Tacoma. Direct injection, dual VVT-I, lower viscosity oil (0w-20) and a 8 speed or more auto transmission.

    Lexus was the first with a production 8 speed auto however Toyota didn’t utlize it enough or make more 8 speed autos for other vehicles. Jeep/Ram is alreay using 9 speed autos. GM & Ford have teamed up to design and build a 10 speed auto.

    The biggest issue with the Tacoma is fuel economy. Ford, GM & Ram full size trucks are either approaching or beating the mid size Tacoma on fuel economy. That doesn’t make sense and it needs to change.

    I don’t think Toyota should chase GM with towing numbers. Keep the top towning number at 6,500 lbs for a properly equipped Tacoma and work on fuel economy.

    • Tim Esterdahl


      Your right that “barely” is an arguable statement. I do hold that I expected a LOT more from GM with their new engines. The Tacoma engine is really old by comparison.

      As you pointed out, if Toyota added any of the new powertrain technologies, they would improve their engine and increase its fuel economy.

      In the end, I just expected more from GM.


  • Jerad

    I don’t know what “more from GM” you could expect. GM is producing a truck with better towing, power, and fuel economy numbers than the outdated Tacoma. Not only are they doing that, but they are making a truck that is much more aesthetically pleasing. The Colorado/Canyon trucks have big truck styling. They look far more capable just through their stance. Finally, these trucks will have better interior and technology options that will make the Tacoma trucks look ancient inside. To top it all off, they are American. Toyota will now be trying to make a truck that matches the Colorado/Canyon in terms of performance, appearance, and functionality inside and out.

    • Tim Esterdahl


      A lot of opinions in your comment there. The HP is increased by 60. That is the only technical improvement that we know of. The increase in torque is not substantial.