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GMC Canyon, Chevy Colorado HP and Towing – Barely Tops Tacoma

GM has revealed its GMC Canyon and Chevy Colorado horsepower and towing numbers. While they barely best the Tacoma for now, it isn’t by a landslide.

GMC Canyon, Chevy Colorado HP and Towing - Barely Tops Tacoma

GM has released HP and torque numbers for their new compact trucks. These numbers barely top the Tacoma.

The 2015 GMC Canyon and Chevy Colorado will come with two different engines for now. These engines put out barely more horsepower and towing than the Tacoma.

Here is how the engines stack up:

Model/Engine4 Cylinder6 CylinderMax. Towing
Chevy Colorado/
GMC Canyon
200 HP
191 lb-ft torque
305 HP
269 lb-ft torque
Nissan Frontier2.5L:
152 HP
171 lb-ft torque
261 HP
281 lb-ft torque
Toyota Tacoma2.7L:
159 HP
180 lb-ft torque
236 HP
266 lb-ft torque

This information gives us a snapshot of how things are starting to look. However, the important information like price and MPG have yet to be released.

Our guess is Toyota will improve their engine via gaining performance efficiency by tweaking the combustion process to match or better the GM twins.

Also, remember there will be a diesel option from GM later next year. And Nissan may put the Cummins-diesel Frontier into production. No word from Toyota on diesel offerings for the Tacoma.

What is pretty surprising to us is how close the 6-cylinder EcoTec engine is to the much older Toyota engine. We had expected the new GM engine to be substantially better on paper than the Tacoma. However, with just 3 more ft-lbs of torque and 50+ horsepower, we suspect it will feel pretty even to the average consumer.

What do you think? Are these “segment-leading” statistics that big of a deal?