2016 Toyota Tacoma Exterior Design Imagined – Close?

Carscoops.com has created a rendering of what the next-generation Hilux/Tacoma may look like if they use the same platform like we/others have suggested. It is quite the image.

2016 Toyota Tacoma Look Imagined

Carscoops.com has developed this rending of what the next-gen Toyota Tacoma may look like.

The rendering looks like a cross between a VW Amarok front end with some GMC Canyon thrown in.

While, it isn’t an official image of the new truck, it is fun to see what could be. It also leaves us wondering if the Tacoma will share some of the “broadness” of the new Tundra. This is pretty probably since Toyota’s been growing its partnership with Calty Design studios and they are looking to shake up their designs across their lineup.

The reality is the next-gen Toyota Tacoma may share some radical design elements like the Tundra and new Camry have incorporated. Toyota’s chief Akio Toyoda has challenged the U.S. teams to change up the design. He says people buy Toyota’s for their reliability and a radical design won’t change that.

What do you think? Are you a fan of the rendering or is it just too wild?