2016 Toyota Tacoma Exterior Design Imagined – Close?

Carscoops.com has created a rendering of what the next-generation Hilux/Tacoma may look like if they use the same platform like we/others have suggested. It is quite the image.

2016 Toyota Tacoma Look Imagined

Carscoops.com has developed this rending of what the next-gen Toyota Tacoma may look like.

The rendering looks like a cross between a VW Amarok front end with some GMC Canyon thrown in.

While, it isn’t an official image of the new truck, it is fun to see what could be. It also leaves us wondering if the Tacoma will share some of the “broadness” of the new Tundra. This is pretty probably since Toyota’s been growing its partnership with Calty Design studios and they are looking to shake up their designs across their lineup.

The reality is the next-gen Toyota Tacoma may share some radical design elements like the Tundra and new Camry have incorporated. Toyota’s chief Akio Toyoda has challenged the U.S. teams to change up the design. He says people buy Toyota’s for their reliability and a radical design won’t change that.

What do you think? Are you a fan of the rendering or is it just too wild?

  • Robert

    I actually thought first gen Tundra when I saw this.

    Given the success (or lack thereof), I’d say this can’t really be close given its, now anyway, emasculating curves vs the new Tundra.

    If you’re going to offer a global truck, it’s needs a little more Ranger and a little less Amarok. Sure Americans want the Amarok, but too many covet the Ranger in a weird biblical way that feels we are violating a commandment.

    • Tim Esterdahl


      That last part about wanting a Ranger was hilarious. Thanks for the comment.


  • Lance Wahl

    This is really really ugly. Instead of wasting money on design, keep the current look, but just update the GM flemsy interior, so I can trade in my 2004!

  • Greg

    God awful ugly weak looking truck

  • Paul

    I hope the next one doesn’t look like that. Not a fan.

  • Jeff

    This is by far the ugliest thing I’ve seen in a truck since the Honda p/u what ever it’s called!

  • Justin

    The 2015 would be last Tacoma anyone would buy.

  • Dr. Gene


  • Tracy

    Although the comments are less than positive, I really like it…have owned 2 Tundras and 11 Tacoma’s…a few Nissan’s, Datsun’s and one dodge, so been around this block before…The notion that a truck needs to look like a freight train needs to pass as hydrocarbon consumption penalties increase…I think it looks great and would buy it in a flash

  • john

    That doesn’t look at all like a truck. The Tacoma is known as a rough and tumble offroader with strong rugged lines. This thing lookslike it was designed by soccer moms.

    Scrap the idea and start over. I would never consider buying that truck based on it’s looks alone.

    I also find it highly unlikely that the real truck will look anything like this as Toyota is aware of everything I stated above and releasing something that looks like this with a Tacoma badge would be the end of the Tacoma name.