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Toyota Tacoma Power Door Lock Failure Guide

Have your power door locks stopped working in your Toyota Tacoma? Is one door lock dead while the other works? Here is a handy guide to diagnose and fix the issue.

Toyota Tacoma Power Door Lock Failure Guide

Have your Toyota Tacoma power door locks failed? Here is how to diagnose and fix them.

Power door locks have become a major convenience item these days. When they don’t work though, it is a major annoyance. Before you attempt to fix yours, make sure you take some time to accurately figure out what is wrong. Once you have figured out what exactly is not working, find the section below that corresponds to your problem.

All Power Door Locks Fail

If all your power door locks fail, odds are you have either a bad relay or a much larger electrical issue. The Toyota Tacoma has a power door lock integration relay under the dash in a junction box. This relay sends power to the door locks and power windows. If you have both of these problems, you have a bad relay. You will need to find the relay and replace it. This should fix the problem.

If replacing the relay doesn’t work, then you probably have a larger electrical issue. Sorry, but it’s time to see a professional mechanic.

Single Power Door Lock Fails

If you have a single door that doesn’t work, you probably have a bad actuator motor. This is easily fixed by swapping it out, here’s how:

  1. First, unhook the negative cable on the battery.
  2. Second, find and remove all the screws on the door holding the panel to the door frame. Screws could be located in the door handle and behind the speaker depending on your model.
  3. Once all the screws are removed, pull slightly back on the interior door panel. You should hear clips popping free.
  4. After the door panel has been freed, you will see an electrical cable connecting the door lock switch to the interior components. Remove/unhook this switch.
  5. Next, most doors have a plastic shroud protecting the inside door components from damage. Carefully, peel back this plastic shroud.
  6. Finally, locate the old actuator motor by comparing it to your new one. Swap it out and reverse these directions to secure your door back together.

If you followed these steps, you should now have a working power door lock.

Key Fob Fails

If your key fob fails to unlock/lock the doors, you probably have a bad battery. This is easily addressed by popping the key fob open and replacing the battery. Some fobs will have screws while others require you to squeeze along the sides for it to open. Either way, open up the key fob, find the battery and replace it.

Hopefully, one of these sections was able to fix your problem. Questions?