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1999 Toyota Tacoma with 440k Miles – Featured Truck

We see many great Toyota Tacoma trucks here at Tacomahq.com, but this truck really blew us away. It is a 1999 Toyota Tacoma with 440k miles and it still looks almost new! This truck reinforces what people have known for years. Take care of your Tacoma and it will take care of you.

1999 Toyota Tacoma with 440k Miles - Featured Truck

Looking at this 1999 Toyota Tacoma, would you guess it has 440k miles? We wouldn’t.

The white 1999 Toyota Tacoma is owned by Josh Coffey out of Knoxville, TN. Coffey says he has really enjoyed his truck and he is a big fan of the trucks. We can see why. Getting 440k miles out of it is a testament to the build quality of the truck. He also looks like he has a lot of fun with it. One thing that is readily apparent from the photos is how well Coffey has taken care of his truck. It sure doesn’t look like a 1999 model with 440k miles. It looks a lot newer with less miles.

How do you get 440k miles on a 1999? Coffey says a lot of travel and hay hauling.

1999 Toyota Tacoma with 440k Miles - Featured Truck

Don’t believe us? No problem, here is the dash. Note the blue lights that Coffey replaced. It is a nice look.

One of the questions on our minds is how many miles should it have. Let’s do some math. The average person in the U.S. drives between 12-15k a year. Let’s go with 15k because truck owners regularly put more miles on than a car owner. The truck is 15 years old, so 15 years multiplied by 15,000 miles is 225,000 miles. This means, this Tacoma has 215k more miles than the recommended mileage. Wow! We could easily see Coffey having gone through two trucks during that time instead of just one.

1999 Toyota Tacoma with 440k Miles - Featured Truck

The 440k miles have come in many different ways.

Next, let’s check out the value Coffey has gotten from his truck. Taking a look at KBB.com, we put in the different specs that we know: 1999 with 440k miles, SR5 package, V6 with manual, 4wd and in good shape. KBB tells us it is worth $5k on the private party market. Let’s say MSRP back in 1999 was around $22k for a truck with these options. This means, Coffey has more than gotten his money out of it!

You are probably wondering about a new engine, clutch, frame (from rust) or a zillion other things that could go wrong. Coffey says that is not the case. It is the original engine and he has only replaced the clutch and alternator.

1999 Toyota Tacoma with 440k Miles - Featured Truck1999 Toyota Tacoma with 440k Miles - Featured Truck

Just in case you were thinking the truck has been “babied,” here is a photo of it tackling the trail.

What’s his secret to keeping the truck going for so long?

“I have a rule,buy at least 1 part per paycheck,” Coffey say. “All lights have been replaced with LED’s, HID headlights installed. New clutch, alternator and keep the air cleaner in good shape. Never let anyone else drive it. Keep the fluids topped off and you have one of the best automobiles on the road.”

Pretty impressive stuff.