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2012-14 Toyota Tacoma Shudder, Slowing Down – TSB

Toyota has issued a technical service bulletin to address a problem with 2012-14 Tacoma pickups. These trucks may shudder after being in the cold for a long period of time.

2012-14 Toyota Tacoma Shudder, Slowing Down - TSB

If your Tacoma shudders after sitting out in the cold for a long time, there is a fix available.

The T-SB-0021-14 address a condition where “Tacoma vehicles equipped with the A340 automatic transmission may exhibit a shudder condition on deceleration at approximately 20 mph after the vehicle has cold soaked.”

A “cold soak” is when a vehicle is sitting in the extreme cold for a very long period of time (hours and hours). Typically, the extreme cold is roughly thought of being below zero.

Normally, when a vehicle has sat out for this long, owners are advised to start the vehicle from time to time to ensure the fluids don’t freeze. Often, shuddering after sitting for this long is not uncommon.

Toyota has developed a fix for their trucks to ensure they don’t shudder on deceleration. The fix is a change in the computer to operate differently.

If your truck is experiencing this condition, take it in and have the computer reflashed with the new software. This will address the problem.

The repair is covered under Toyota’s 96 month or 80,000 mile warranty. However, with just a reflash needed, a lot of dealers will just do this for free.


  • Jack

    My 2011 w/A340 trans does this. I wonder why they’re not included in the TSB? Actually I always assumed it was something with the brakes but now it makes sense b/c it only happens in cold weather.

    • Tim Esterdahl


      That is interesting. I don’t know why it doesn’t cover 2011, but I would take it your dealer anyways. They may still take care of the problem.


  • Jack

    Thanks Tim,
    I guess I’ll just have to wait til it gets cold again b/c my truck has stopped doing it in warm weather. You know how it is when you’ve got a warranty claim. They have to “verify the condition” before they’ll fix it. You wouldn’t happen to have an actual copy of the TSB would you? Just wondering if they listed a VIN range. In relation to this I’m starting to agree with Akio Toyoda though. My little truck was built during the “Aggressive expansion Period” for the company and although the quality isn’t terrible their have been more problems than a “Rock Solid-90’s era Toyota”. This makes the second problem within a year of my ownership. I’m glad that Toyoda has decided to take a step back and refocus the company’s commitment on quality. Toyota was headed down the same road as GM.