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Toyota Tacoma Driveline Vibration TSB – 2005-2014 Models

Toyota has issued yet another Technical Service Bulletin related to the driveline vibration associated with some Tacoma pickups. This is the most extensive TSB we have seen in a while and hopefully this is the real fix.

Toyota Tacoma Driveline Vibration TSB - 2005-2014 Models

Toyota has issued another TSB for the driveline vibration issue. This perplexing problem affects an inconsistent amount of trucks. We have heard trucks on the same lot can have varying severity of vibration.

If you have the driveline vibration issue, you already know this vibration occurs at slow speeds and it almost feels like the truck is shuddering. Officially, Toyota says: “Some 2005 – 2014 model year Tacoma vehicles equipped with automatic transmission may exhibit a vibration felt in the seat, floorboard, and steering wheel between 15 – 25 mph caused by a second order drivetrain vibration under acceleration.”

What has been a bit bizarre about this issue is how inconsistent it is among Tacoma pickups. We have heard in several cases, brand new Tacoma pickups will vary on how they vibrate. Some vehicles – on the same dealer lot – will vibrate more than others. Speaking with a Toyota service manager last year, he said he has pulled apart different models and neither himself or his technicians have been able to pinpoint the exact cause of the issue.

The New TSB

Toyota has issued T-SB-0008-14 to address this issue once again. Like other TSB’s the parts to be looked at and replaced are mainly in the rear with the rear engine insulator engine mount and leaf springs.

One thing to note, is the TSB says to replace the rear spring bumper, u-bolts, flange nuts and washers for vehicles built prior to October 2013. After that, the vehicle doesn’t need these new parts. This tells us that Toyota has been working on this issue at the production level and has improved the parts.

Repair Procedure

In order to fix this issue, Toyota technicians will trouble shoot various problems and add new parts. Here is the official procedure from the TSB:

    1. Some level of driveline vibration is normal in all vehicles. However, if vehicle exhibits vibration under the following conditions, proceed to step 2:
      – 10% throttle input or slow run up.
      – 30% or greater throttle input.
    2. Verify in vehicle history if the vehicle has had Service Bulletin No. T-SB-0249-12 performed.
    3. Has the vehicle had T-SB-0249-12 performed?
      • YES —
      2005 – 2011 MY: Go to step 4.
      2012 – 2014 MY: Go to step 5.
      • NO — Go to step 3.
    4. Replace the Rear Engine Insulator (Rear Transmission Mount).

      Toyota Tacoma Driveline Vibration TSB - Engine Mount

      These are the rear engine insulators that need replaced.

    5. Install the Steering Wheel Damper.
Toyota Tacoma Driveline Vibration TSB - Steering Wheel Damper

If all else fails, Toyota recommends putting a steering wheel damper on the truck. Here is a picture of the 2012-2014 Steering Wheel after you have removed the cover.

 The Bottom Line

First, we have been told by several sources that the steering wheel damper is really a last chance effort to fix the issue. Also, we have heard that many owners have replaced the drive shaft with an aftermarket model and that has fixed the problem. Lastly, there are several “home made” fixes on various forums. While we can’t say for sure if they work, they are interesting.

It is good to see Toyota is still working on fixing this perplexing issue. We will keep you informed if any other TSBs are issued.

Click here to download the TSB.

  • ttech

    Hi you left out the second part of the TSB 0008-14 where after installing the mount, then measure driveshaft and flange angles and install a specific leaf pack. You have 10 pages, the TSB is 20 pages. plz post the second chunk

    • C A

      I’ve had consistent steering wheel shake at low speeds and between 60-70 since I bought my truck in July of 2012. I am undergoing the recommended TSB repair on my 2012 TRD SPORT 4WD as of this posting. Some parts are on back order so it’s taken more than a week. They replaced the leaf springs the motor mount and the steering wheel damper. The low speed vibration is repaired but the steering wheel shake at 60-70 is worse. We are trying new wheels and tires next. I trust the mechanic doing the work and think Toyota just doesn’t know what’s causing it.

  • Mark Harry

    2013 reg cab Taco; 2.7 inline 4 with 5 speed stick. Has a buzz occasionally @ 37; and definite @ 42 +47mph especially noticeable under light cruise conditions. Dealer is wasting my time. First, told me there was a recall or TSB and they would measure for parts. Next, they told me my VIN wasn’t in the group for the recall/TSB and they couldn’t duplicate problem. Round and round. Thanks to this website, I’m gonna yank the driveshaft, and go front weel drive to see if issue disappears. Being long in tooth, I -SUSPECT- it’s in the front. (had put in 4wd today, and it seemed to get worse)
    One thing’s for sure, they ain’t gonna burn anymore of my gas taking joyrides. Bought new.

    • ttech

      buzz ? can you be more specific. There is an existing TSB up to 2013 for differential noise 50-60 mph, which a) confirms the noise and b) replaces the pumpkin

  • James

    I just bought a new tacoma v6 2 months ago it has 2,300 miles on it now and on cold start ups it whines loud and has a ticking sound. It whines going down the road until it warms up then goes away. So far the dealer is trying to ignore the issue or pass it off as something else when it’s clear something isn’t right so far no resolution. Hopefully they’ll take a look at it not just for 1 full min after making me wait hrs. It’s unacceptable to buy a new vehicle and have this noise coming from the truck and sounds like it’s gonna blow and they think it’s ok to have this going on.

  • Leo Dadey

    I own a 2012 Toyota Tacome quad cab long bed V6 4x$ and on 2 occasssions I taken my vehicle to a local Toyota Dealership Service Department because when I go over a series of bumps or ripples in the road, you can feel a rattle coming from the steering wheel. It feels as if the tire is going to come off. This happens sporadically and Toyota stated that they cannot duplicate the issue and if it persists it could possibly be the damper. Can you help or suggest anything? Thanks Mr Dadey

    • ttech

      uhh, this is one of those things…they all do it. it has some play under the dash in the steering ujoint

      use this

      T-SB-0057-12: ’05-’12 Tacoma (PreRunner & 4×4): Steering Intermediate Shaft Rattle Noise