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2009 Toyota Tacoma “Swimgood Gravy” – Featured Truck

With a sound deadening cabin, 35-inch tires, swing out spare tire holder and a 50qt fridge freezer, this week’s feature truck has many cool modifications. How do you choose the best one? You can’t, they are all great features.

2009 Toyota Tacoma

Here is the “Swimgood Gravy” in its native environment.

Slimwood Shady/Linwood over at Tacomaworld has this really impressive Tacoma with an equally impressive build thread as well. His thread is full of before/after pics, videos and commentary on the install.

The photo of the truck before all the fun began.

The photo of the truck before all the fun began.

The build began on July 22, 2009, when he purchased his first brand new car, Silver Streak Mica 2009 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab TRD Off Rd Edition.  He got it with a Remote Start Alarm, Tube Steps, TRD Exhaust, Tow Package, First Aid Kit, Floor Mats, 6 Disk in-dash CD Changer, and iPod Adaptor all for $30,000.

Here is a quick summary of the build, click here for the build thread.

The current list of mods:


  • The Retrofit Source Retro (GB) – DS2 Mini w/55watt ballasts and Phillips bulbs, Apallo Shrouds
  • IPF Fog Lights
  • Anytime Fog Light Mod
  • LED Dome and Map Lights (GB)
  • LED Bed Lights (GB)


  • Eclipse AVN 726e
  • JL Audio HD 900/5
  • JL Audio 13TW5
  • Hybrid Audio Clarus components in all 4 doors
  • Back up camera in rear view mirror connected to head unit for back up camera
  • 4Runner Blutooth steering wheel controls
  • Completely sound deadened cabin (MLV, CCF, Dynomat)
  • Columbia Overland Dual Battery Box w/2 Diehard Platinum Grp 35 Batteries
2009 Toyota Tacoma "Swimgood Gravy" - Featured Truck

An interior shot of the seats. Notice the Weathertechs, Wet Okoles and Linwood says “arm rest mod as well.” He also painted the center console black.

Interior Comfort

  • Wet Okole Seat covers (GB) (Graphite grey and black with gun tote, seat heaters, map pockets)
  • Wet Okole Arm rest mod (GB)
  • Black
  • Weathertech Digital Fit Floor Liners (GB)
  • TRD Shift Knob
  • IMMRYO Rear View Mirror Relocate (GB)
  • ARB 50 Qt Fridge Freezer with ARB slide and tie down
2009 Toyota Tacoma "Swimgood Gravy" - Featured Truck

Another interior photo showing off the great look with the seat colors and the dash plus door coloring.


  • Uniden PRO510XL
  • Wilson 1000 antenna
2009 Toyota Tacoma

What does it take to “sound deaden” the cabin? How about pulling everything out and putting down the sound deadening material.

Here is just one of several cool offroading videos.

YouTube Preview Image


  • Icon Dynamics 2.5 Extended Travel Coilovers w/King Springs 14″x700lbs
  • Icon Dynamics rear VS. 2.0 shocks custom length
  • Total Chaos UCA
  • Nitro 4.56 gears-ECGS Solid Spacer for rear
  • All Pro Expedition rear leafs
  • All Pro U-Bolt Flip Kit
  • 16×8 Procomp 7089s
  • 315/75/16 Goodyear MTRs with Kevlar
  • Cab Mount Chop
  • ATO Shackle Flip


  • ARB Deluxe Bull Bar Bumper
  • ATO Rear Wrap Around bumper w/tire carrier
  • ATO Front skid plate (GB)
  • ATO Transmission Skid
  • ATO T-Case Skid
  • ATO Gas Tank Skid
  • BAMF LCA Skid Plates (GB)
  • 4x Innovation Sliders DOM w/Kickout (84″)
2009 Toyota Tacoma "Swimgood Gravy" - Featured Truck

A great side profile photo. The log looks to be no match for this beast.


  • Smittybilt XRC8 Winch w/in cab controls (regreased gears)
  • Hilift 48″ jack
  • ARB OBA w/1 Gal Viar air tank
  • Southeast Overland 3/8″ amsteal blue line
  • Rugged Ridge strap, d-rings, gloves, tree saver
  • Bubba Rope


  • Debadged
  • Sport Hood
  • 20% window tint
  • Toyota Bed Mat
  • Redline Hood Struts (GB)
  • Leer 100r Topper
  • Protrack Roof Rack (on topper)
  • AVS In-Channel Window Deflectors
  • AVS Hood Deflector
  • OEM Roof Rack
  • Homertoshi
  • ruggedT Bedside Decals


Future Mods:

  • Front Locker
  • Crawl box

We got a chance to talk with Linwood and get some insight into his truck build.

What mod gets asked about the most?
Probably about the 35s and 3″ lift.

What was the toughest mod?
Without a doubt the shackle flip! It was the most work. The idea is simple, but those rivets suck!

2009 Toyota Tacoma

It came, it saw, it conquered.

What was your build inspiration/idea?
I wanted a mixture of an expedition and a rock crawler. I have been stealing ideas from JAndrews and a few other members on here (Tacomaworld).

What advice would you give to someone just starting out?
What I tell everyone is buy once cry once. It is better to save up and get what you really want than to buy a contingency part. You will end up buying what you wanted eventually anyway. Nothing worse than throwing away money.

2009 Toyota Tacoma

The spare tire swing and rear end up close.

I’m surprised people don’t ask about the swing out spare tire. You just don’t see those that often (in my neck of the woods – Colorado).
They do, but most Taco guys ask about the 35s. That and the sound deadening. Here in VA, a lot of us have them. I can think of 6 off the top of my head.

I was just reading about the sound deafening. That’s another thing I haven’t seen. I’m surprised that wasn’t your hardest mod based on the time and effort involved. What caused the big increase in road noise? The lift, tires, something else?

I grew up doing car audio, so interior removal is pretty easy. That was my purpose for the mod. The road noise came from the larger tires.

Looking over these pictures and watching the videos leads us to the conclusion that he NAILED it! This truck is definitely a mixture of expedition and rock crawler! Great job.

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