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Bexar County Moves to Attract Toyota Tacoma Suppliers, Improve Production

A fan of this site sent us an interesting link. It seems that the officials in Bexar County could be key to moving suppliers to the area that would speed production. Also, it may help the speed of development with the next-gen Toyota Tacoma. If Bexar is successful, Toyota may keep production in Texas for a long, long time.

Bexar County Moves to Attract Toyota Tacoma Suppliers, Improve Production

Bexar County officials are hoping to encourage suppliers to relocate to the area. This would further solidify Toyota’s manufacturing presence and could help speed production and future development of the Tacoma.

The news summary is pretty simple. Bexar County, the home of the San Antonio production plant, is looking to offer incentives to suppliers. If they were able to move several California suppliers (they are targeting), it would create 400 jobs in the county. Plus, with these suppliers closer to the San Antonio plant, production would be speed up.

“Before making a decision to relocate, a number of companies are just waiting for a preliminary offer, with tax incentives, from Bexar County, said David Marquez, the executive director of Bexar County Economic Development,” according to a KENS 5, San Antonio story.

Prior to this story, San Marcos County, Texas (north east of San Antonio) offered a similar incentive package in November, 2013 to Michigan-based Corva Composites, LLC. They are a major manufacturer of plastic vehicle components such as wheel well liners and underbody covers. They are a supplier to Toyota.

If the parts suppliers consolidated to the area around the plant, it would be more expensive for Toyota to move the Tacoma production. This would also, most likely, lead to future generations of the truck being built in Texas.

This could be a good or bad thing depending on your view of the production quality of the facility. Throughout many online forums and on this website, there is a long running discussion on the Tacoma build quality and changes over the years. There are many who believe that at different product facilities, the Tacoma quality was either better or is now worse. The judgmental nature of this makes it seemingly impossible to really say one way or the other.

In the end, this incentive package is good news for the area. It further enhances American manufacturing and keeps the production in the area instead of moving elsewhere. Lastly, it may help Toyota’s decision making about expanding the plant to increase production.

What do you think? Good move for Bexar County or poor move for Toyota to keep production there?