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MagnaFlow Releases New Cat Back Systems – 2013 Toyota Tacoma

Performance exhaust manufacture MagnaFlow has released two new cat back systems for the 2013 Toyota Tacoma V6. These new systems will really amp up the sound from your truck.

MagnaFlow Releases New Cat Back System - 2013 Toyota Tacoma

MagnaFlow has released two new cat back exhausts for the 2013 Toyota Tacoma.

MagnaFlow has been a leader in performance exhaust system upgrades for years. Many of our readers use their products and love them.

MagnaFlow Releases New Cat Back System - 15240

This is the MagnaFlow 15240 cat back exhaust.

The 15240 Cat-Back system is a stainless steel system that exits out the passenger side rear. It is a single exhaust that MagnaFlow says will increase your horsepower, torque and has a great sound. The tubing is 2.5/3 in. and the muffler is 5 x 8 x18 in. The exhaust system has a 4 inch stainless tip. The kit ranges runs about $600 on

MagnaFlow Releases New Cat Back System - 17145

This is the new MagnaFlow 17145 cat back exhaust.

Also new from MagnaFlow is the Off Road Pro Series cat back exhaust. This single exhaust exits in front of the rear tire. Like the model above MagnaFlow says it will improve horsepower and torque while adding a smooth, deep tone to your exhaust sound. It runs about $330 on

Check it out for yourself with this video.

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  • Paul

    Really cool – and an alternative to the TRD offerings – I’ve been looking for a way to get a little throatier sound and up the HP a bit. Does anyone know if swapping the exhaust out voids the warranty?