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Ever Seen Someone Drive Straight Up A Rock Face…with Wet Tires?

This video is pretty amazing when you think about it:

YouTube Preview Image

First of all, as already stated the tires were wet. They dry off pretty quickly at high speed, but I’d guess you could get a better launch on dry tires.

Second, a mechanical failure (like a broken driveshaft) is seriously dangerous to the driver.

Still, it all works out, and we’ve got this pretty cool video to watch because of it.

If you dig it, be sure to check out the BustedKnuckleVideo channel on YouTube.

  • BlackCobra

    Looks like a Grand Theft Auto moment, ya’ know, when you accidentally go off a cliff or something and you have that little bit of land so your car doesn’t drown, then you try your best to save it 😀

  • kamy

    Lol i can do that easy… with an rc car 🙂

    • Tim Esterdahl