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Driveline Vibration Expands to Include 09-13 Toyota Tacoma – TSB

Toyota has expanded a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) for 2005-13 Toyota Tacoma’s that have a driveline vibration while driving between 15 and 25 MPH. The TSB specifies how to address this issue.

Driveline Vibration TSB

A driveline vibration TSB has been expanded to include 2009-13 Toyota Tacoma pickups.

This TSB (T-SB-0249-12) supersedes a previous the T-SB-0131-08 and now includes 2009-13 Toyota Tacoma pickups. The issue is that “some vehicles may exhibit a vibration felt in the seat, floorboard, and/or steering wheel around 15 – 25 mph caused by a second order driveline vibration.”

Driveline Vibration TSB VIN

This TSB applies to these Tacoma models.

The repair procedure first calls for a test drive to confirm the issue. There are special tips for 4WD trucks:

  • Shift into 4WD High.
  • Lock the center differential.
  • Remove the rear driveshaft and test drive the vehicle.
  • The vibration will be completely eliminated if condition is a 2nd order driveshaft vibration.

If the truck does have a vibration issue then this TSB applies.

There are multiple parts that could be causing the issue. The applicable warranty for all these parts is:

  • EG8032 (R & R Engine Mount): This repair is covered under the Toyota Powertrain Warranty.
    This warranty is in effect for 60 months or 60,000 miles, whichever occurs first, from the vehicle’s in-service date.
  • SU1222 (R & R Leaf Springs) and ST1202 (Install Steering Wheel Damper): This repair is covered under the Toyota Basic Warranty. This warranty is in effect for 36 months or 36,000miles, whichever occurs first, from the vehicle’s in-service date.
  • Warranty application is limited to occurrence of the specified condition described in this bulletin.

The Fix

  1. Replace the Rear Engine Insulator (Rear Transmission Mount).
  2. Test drive the vehicle again to see if issue is resolved. If not, follow the next step.
  3. Replace the rear leaf springs.
  4. Test drive again to see if vibration is gone. If it still exists, follow the next step.
  5. Install the steering wheel damper by removing the steering wheel pad and screwing it into place.
  6. Test drive and confirm the repair.

It seems that Toyota feels that one of the above fixes WILL fix the issue.

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  • mudrock

    I glad that Toyota has dedicated their time to releasing a bulletin on how to fix this issue. I have a friend who is a body shop owner, I will ask him if he has heard about this bulletin the next time I see him.

  • Somebody

    The odd thing about this bulletin, is that it is specifically for AUTOMATIC transmissions, yet on 4wd models, the transfer case is the same, and so is the output shaft, which means that the issue of the rear mount and leaf springs would be exactly the same.

    It is also interesting that at least one of the part numbers for rear engine mount, specifically and ONLY matches up to a MANUAL transmission. That would be 12371-0C150 — 4-cyl 4×4 MANUAL.

    • Tim Esterdahl


      I’m thinking the transfer case is different.


  • I have a 2013 Tacoma TRD 4×4, it shudders considerably under 35mph under heavy acceleration. The dealer (Toyota of Carlsbad) has tried all of these ‘fixes’ outlined above. Toyota even kept my vehicle for ~10 days, flew in their techs from corporate, they threw even more parts at it and still nothing delivered notable results. What is worse, is my discharge paperwork acknowledges a shudder, yet states the shudder is within spec b/c other new Tacoma’s do it too. That is BS! Just because you say it is within spec, and other do it too, does not mean that it is somehow acceptable – in fact it is worse. I am currently pursuing arbitration at the moment, Toyota needs to step-up and make us whole, Toyota corporate has not become too bloated and they seemingly don’t care about their customers the way they traditionally did.

    • Tim Esterdahl


      That really stinks. I actually had the opportunity to visit a local Toyota dealership and talk with them about it. Their feeling was that some trucks just shuddered more than others for no real reason. At the very least, Toyota could have traded you out your current truck and tried a different one.

      It is a bizarre issue to be sure and I haven’t heard of any reason/fix that really works.


    • Jason

      Mark – Understood. I’d suggest that you investigate your state’s lemon law statute if you haven’t done so already. Toyota may be compelled to take the vehicle back and give you a refund if they can’t fix the problem.

  • Brady

    I fixed my Vibration, even if Toyota is still trying to patch the problem! I replaced my 2 piece Driveshaft with a one piece! It has a double joint at the transfer case and a single slip joint at the rear, Problem fixed and im not even an Engineer. Brady Pasadena MD.

    • Flo

      Hi Brady i leave at glen burnie md where did you take your truck to fix the problem you had and how much it cost you to fix the problem.thanks

      • Brady

        Hey Flo,
        I fixed my truck myself. I had A1 drive shaft build me a one piece. I’m sure the still have the specs. on mine to build one for your truck. It cost me $450. I know its alot but to me it was worth it.

  • Dave

    I test drove 2 BRAND NEW Tacoma’s this weekend and they both have this issue. So apparently Toyota isn’t applying the fix on their own NEW vehicles?

    Or they have no real fix?

    (PS: I’m NO Longer looking to buy a Toyota due to this very issue. Google it… the number of people having these issues is rediculious.)

    • Tim Esterdahl


      Sorry you thought it was a big issue. I actually test drove a model and felt the vibration too except it wasn’t a deal breaker at all for me.


    • Dave: I went to arbitration with Toyota today and they were unwilling to do anything to make me whole. I am supremely disenchanted with Toyota’s dismissive stance and arbitration was a complete waste of time. I would have never purchased a Tacoma (or Toyota for that matter) knowing what I know now. I encourage you to look elsewhere for your next vehicle. And Jason, to your above recommendation,I am sending the case off to a local lemon law layer, I will let them hash is out as I continue to shudder around town. I feel it is important to note that I towed a trailer recently ~2500lbs, and the shudder was wildly more pronounced – food for thought.

      • RONALD

        what was the outcome with toyota. i have the same problem and i have arbtration set up marck 11, 2014. any advice.

  • Austin

    Dave, Tim, Mark, others,
    I too went to Arbitration for my 2012, mine was for the driveline vibration / shaking and a manual transmission intermittent problem. I proved / convinced that the defect(s) (vibration) were causing me
    1. lost time with vehicle (>21 days in 1 calendar year)
    2. lost resale with vehicle
    3. safety concern.

    I also showed many other warranty claims. I did not hire an attorney. I did tons of research, paid an independent expert to review the vehicle, made youtube videos, brought full transcripts / notes from my correspondence with Toyota and was ready to prove intentional negligence by Toyota for “ignoring” the problem.

    You may have to go through arbitration again – some people have to go several times. There is a lot of reading on TacomaWorld where people like myself have gotten some sort of resolution or compromise (i.e. extended warranty to 8 years / 125k miles).

    btw, when Toyota finally reclaimed my vehicle, they surprised me with a 1 way release (to their advantage) which I am not obligated legally to sign so I handed it back so I could reserve the right to take them to court for damages or small claims in the future.

    Good luck and F Toyota.

  • Vernon Reeder

    Hey Mark, I fixed the vib. on my sons 2012 Tacoma, I replaced the two piece, with a one piece, It has a c/v style joint at the Transfer case and a slip yoke at the rear. ONLY because my son likes the truck, I spent $ 450 for a one piece from A1 drive shaft in Baltimore It worked perfect! I agree, with everyone, the vibration is BULLSHIT!!! Toyota is only trying to mask the problem, shame on them. Im not even an Engineer But I have the Fix. Thanks Vernon Reeder, Pasadena md.

  • Mark Whatley

    Austin: you seemed to have mastered this situation, I wish I would have had an opportunity to reflect on your approach prior to spinning my wheels with arbitration.
    Vernon: I am going to have a driveline shop take a look at my truck next week respective of your aforementioned comments a – thx.

    Moving forward, Toyota Carlsbad has since stepped up and made me whole, credit to them! I appreciate the fact that the dealer acknowledged the issue and was my advocate to a limited extent. Good on them, shame on Toyota Corporate.

  • Cary

    I have the same shuttering/vibration problem with my 2013 Toyota Tacoma when I brake at around 40 mph and lower to a stop, It has only 3,500 miles and I’m not getting satisfaction with the dealer on this after going in twice.

    They gave me a TSA? number to use to contact customer service. The dealer representative said that Toyota has a group of engineers that work solely on these problems but he said that they didn’t know when the problem would be resolved.

    It’s impossible to understand that this problem has existed since 2005 and buyers have had to deal with paying their hard earned money for a vehicle that’s sub-par. I’m going to pursue all avenues to get the situation resolved.

    I am totally disappointed in Toyota for letting this problem go on year after year without fixing it. I’m especially going to investigate the Lemon Law on this here in Ga.

    Comments and resolutions are welcomed.

  • Diogenes

    This is terrible news. I was prepared to buy a Tacoma this week, having had amazing success with our RAV4, Sienna and two Corollas… I was sure I would be pleased. Some time ago, a friend bought an access cab, had this problem, used the lemon law to force them to swap it for a regular cab (too small for me) and is presently happy. I really like the features on the access version (which my brother owns and hasn’t given him any problems)… but hearing how common this flaw is has me leaning towards canceling my plans.

    • Tim Esterdahl


      The strange part of this that not every stock truck has the problem. You could have two stock trucks on the lot with different degrees of the issue from not at all to a terrible problem. I won’t shy away from buying one because of it, I would go and drive the trucks being mindful of this issue.


  • Shan Kan

    I have had 3 Tacomas in the past, 2000 (4X4 5 speed manual) sold in 2001, 2005 (TRD Sport) sold in 2007 & 2009 (TRD Off-Road) sold in 2009, the first 2 had never had any problems and were built in CA, but the last one was built in Mexico, I could not get rid of vibration from the front end. Drive shafts were not balanced from the factory, had to spend money on this brand new truck for fixing. This made it better, but could not get rid of vibs completely. I finally traded it, would not be a Toyota customer, their customer service plus the dealership don’t help much, they wasted a lot of my time. I would stay the heck away from Mexican built Toyotas. Most of the posts I have read are tied to newer Tacomas built in Mexico.

  • Johnny


    Thanks for posting this info. I have a 2011 2.7l 4×4 Tacoma Access Cab and have had no driveline vibrations – My truck was assembled in Texas. I have very recently been test driving and looking at buying a 2014 DC TRD Off Road. While looking these over carefully, I noticed that all of the Double Cabs with Auto Transmission were assembled in Mexico. All of the Manuals were assembled in Texas. Don’t know if that’s they way things are now, but that’s the way it was on this dealers lot.

    Personally, I told the salesman this before I knew about these driveline issues – I won’t buy a Toyota assembled in Mexico. He just looked at me like a deer in headlights. They are paid a much lower wage and aren’t going to care about what they are building as much as someone who is trying to hold on to a somewhat decent paying gig.

    Then, doing my due diligence, I started researching issues with the Tacoma – I’m on TacomaWorld, and read thread after thread on this nightmare. Needless to say, I have changed my mind – I was actually planning on buying this weekend – I am not buying a New Tacoma at this time and I may not be buying one at all. This nonsense has gone on way too long. I love these trucks but I’m not going to deal with this – completely unacceptable.

  • Smitty Obispo

    My local dealer tells me that T-SB-0249-12 was cancelled in August (?) of this year. He says it wasn’t cancelled because the problem went away, but because corporate didn’t know how to effectively address it.

    I feel bad for Pat Richmond, Toyota of Santa Maria (CA), who factory-ordered a $42,000 4Runner Limited for me that I am refusing to take delivery of until Toyota solves my the driveline vibration in my 2013 Tacoma (8000 miles, two trips to service dept to discuss). Bad PR, and out-of-hand dismissal of longtime fan, is making Toyota seem more like GM or Ford.

    • Tim Esterdahl


      The driveline vibration issue is an especially trick problem for Toyota. It seems like Toyota must be sacrificing something in not addressing the problem. Also, not every Toyota Tacoma has the issue. In fact, after speaking with a dealer, he could point to several Tacoma’s without any issue and some with a “big” issue. Really a crap shoot.

      What is also interesting is that the TSB has been an ongoing item for quite a while. I am surprised to hear it was canceled. The truth is that the TSB had a few different types of remedies. A service manager told me that he has tried all the same remedies in the past and didn’t find any of them to work.

      The reality seems to be that Toyota sells a bunch of Tacoma pickups without having to address the issue. It will be interesting to see if the new competition from the Chevy Colorado/GMC Canyon will “inspire” Toyota to address it once and for all.


    • Jason Lancaster

      Smitty – TSB’s can’t be “cancelled” – they’re simply informative bulletins. Your dealer is just telling you that they don’t have a solution to your problem.

      I understand your vibration problems. You might check into the options we break down here:

  • Smitty Obispo

    Thanks, Tim, for the insight (and for your work on this site in general).

    I am entering a grey area in my long relationship with Toyota, in that I have appealed to Corporate to give me an “out” other than arbitration. While I remain hopeful this “hail mary” will net a happy driver, I have my doubts. I will keep this board posted.

    • Tim Esterdahl


      You’re welcome and best of luck!


  • Smitty Obispo

    Jason — Perhaps he used the word “obsolete,” not “cancelled.” IIRC, both the dealer and ToyotaCare concluded the same thing: that the TSB was no longer valid. Not because the problem had gone away, but quite the opposite, because the repairs did not make the problem go away.

    Thanks for the pointer to the shims and/or carrier bearing drop. I am still hopeful (and, perhaps, naivé) that Toyota will make it right and not force me to go the aftermarket/non-factory route.

  • Derek

    Hello I have a 09 tacoma trd access cab… I recently started having this vibration problem at 100k miles not under warranty anymore. where did you get the one piece shaft from? Or should I change the u joints and carriage bearing.. Your opinion is really needed. thank you.

  • Vernon

    Hey Derek, The one piece was a great idea, We got from A-I Drive shaft in Baltimore They did a great job and cheaper than anybody out there and they back it with a Warr. However, I would consider the U joints first, and the center support bearing, With a 100 k miles on your truck, anything is possible. Let me know if I can help any further. Vernon

  • Smitty Obispo

    It doesnt matter much whether it’s under warranty or not, as Toyota apparently is unwilling to address the issue.
    I have no useful info for you, but couldn’t resist taking a poke at Toyota. They are really burning up their goodwill on this one.

  • Vernon

    Yea it’s really bad! My son bought this truck, he really loves it, it’s been to the dealer, they said it was normal!! Really! I worked for GM for years, worked on many cars and trucks with vib. issues. Once we removed the drive shaft and drove it in 4-wheel drive, we decided to fix it our self and move on . Yea it sucks you have to do this but the truck is soooo smooth.

    • Tim Esterdahl


      Yep, I have talked with several dealers and they all say it is normal. Just a part of owning a Tacoma.


  • smittty obispo

    Well, I had my day today, and I think it came out okay. The short version is, “I am pleased with Toyota, and how they handled this.” Obviously, I would prefer to not have the problem in the first place, or to be able to handle it at the dealership level, but when it finally got to Corporate, Toyota did right by me.

    My faith has been somewhat restored in Toyota. They are going to redouble their efforts to solve my vibes, they extended my warranty out to seven years, and they convinced me that they are still #1 automaker for me and 9,999,999 other auto buyers per year. They made appropriate cooing noises and stroked my ego professionally.

    I don’t like situations like that, where I am the dumbest guy in the room (their rep is a USC MBA perfesser, the arbitrator is an attorney). But I compensated for that with extensive preparation. In my estimation, the arbitrator actually *was* a neutral party (I had my doubts), and the whole process was relatively friction free.

    I believe I had the arbitrator convinced to make Toyota buy my truck back. Then I flinched. And the arbitrator left the room to allow us a crack at resolution before she ruled. And I took the offer. Which I would probably do again, because a buyback would do me no good (still need a truck, and still prefer Tacos).

    Still got the vibes, and Toyota still doesn’t know how to fix ’em, but I have full faith that they are probably working on it, and have not turned their back on their fan base.

  • John P.

    I have had a TSB SU1301 done which 1.Replaced the leaf springs 2. Steering wheel damper was installed 3. Transmission mount plate changed. Service mgr. said that he loved the way it rode when he called me to tell me it was ready. When I took out on road, had no difference at all. Tried to get follow up and got blown off. I got letter from SETF who said they evaluated vehicle and it was operating normal. This repair was done only after I told National Toyota to open a lemon law claim. I have arbitration on March 11. Took it to a tire dealer thinking it was the tires. Mechanic at that shop evaluated the driveshaft was out of round and wobbling at the transmission and also it felt like a torque converter chatter. We’ll see how arbitration goes Tues.

    • Ronald Gaddy

      I also had an arbitration set up for March 11, 2014. I have a severe vibration in my 2013 Toyota Tacoma-which I have read that my particular model of Toyota’s are manufactured in Mexico. Also I have read that not all Tacoma Trucks have this vibration. The arbitration was a joke. The arbitrator listened to my complaint attentively, I drove my truck with the arbitrator beside me, then I drove a 2013 Tacoma selected by the dealer with the Arbitrator beside me. Both vehicles had a vibration-mine was the worse. Apparently, the dealer selected a Tacoma that he knew had a vibration. I explained to the arbitrator that not all Tacoma Trucks have a vibration and that the dealer had selected one that did have the vibration. Of course, it was to the advantage of the dealer that the truck I drove had a vibration because his argument was that all the Tacoma Trucks have a vibration. The Arbitrator dismissed my claim and decided in behalf of Toyota. I am going to pursue this matter as far as I can go.

  • Vernon

    Hey Guy’s, this vibration is not rocket science!!!!
    My son has a 2012, We had the same vibration, on take off, slowing down, and at 55mph. After taking it to the dealer like every one else to just to get BLOWN OFF!!, I my self did my own trouble shooting. I’m a mechanic, have been with GM for years( little back ground) I took the rear drive shaft out, put the truck in 4 wheel drive then drove it! WOW guess what, NO VIBRATION!!!!!! So I had a one piece shaft made, and PROBLEM SOLVED!!!!! SCREW THE dealers, Toyota has to know what the problem is, it must be too costly to fix it the right way, other then there band aid.

  • Dan

    I have a 2014 dc Tacoma and I’m having the same problem ‘vibration’. I took back to the dealer twice now. First time they drove it and said there were no problems. So I drove it for a few days after that and the vibration was annoying the crap out of me! I took it back in and they check it again and they told me one of the tires was out of round, so they replaced the tire. They called me and told me it was ready and it was riding smooth as butter. Guess what, still freakin vibrates! I bought this truck brand new and so disapointed. I’ve had it for about 6 months now and wish I wouldve done more research. Tomorrow I’m taking it back in and they said they have to do a TSB update. If this update isn’t going to fix it, why the hell are they waisting my time? You think they would fix the problem the first time. It vibrates going into second gear and slowly crusing around 40-45 mph. It has something to do with the torque converter and driveshaft not freakin leaf springs and motor mount bushings. If they can’t fix it, I’ll be contacting my attorney. Sorry Toyota but this is a disgrace!

  • ttech

    new Toyota released in Feb 2014

    TSB T-SB 0008-14

    covers up to 2014 tacomas for 15-25 mph vibe

    this involves driveshaft angles and new leaf packs which change angles

    this is the real fix.

    • Tim Esterdahl


      Thanks. I’ll update our site with a new story on that TSB. As you say, hopefully this is the real fix. I, for one, am tired of talking about it! 🙂


  • ttech

    ^ I am having the angles checked as we speak, and all the springs are in the local warehouse, so I expect an answer by COB today. Either it is fixed, or not fixed. But I have been back and forth to the dealer three times and today it is hopefully completed and then I can say how this fix goes for a 2013 TRD OR AC with the 15-25 vibe. In the meantime I am driving a Prius C loaner and holy crap 60mpg…

    • Dan

      I picked up the truck this morning after the update. Now its worse, it vibrates pretty bad on idle and still vibrates when driving. I don’t know what to do at this point. I’m taking to the dealer again after work. 3rd time

      • Vernon

        Hey Dan,
        I know the truck is new, but what sucks is that what they are doing isn’t going to fix your issue. I’v made several post here, until toyota puts a one driveshaft in your truck, it will never go away.
        I did this my self for my son, and now is 110%

      • ttech

        Vibration at idle is something completely off-base. motor mounts or something else….I had just the 15-25 mph vibe and it got fixed. make sure they do TSB 0008-14 for driveshaft vibes! accept no other excuse. toyota pays for it, if under warranty, and it really fixed mine. but vibration at idle is a whole nuther story….

  • ttech


    Had TSB 0008-14 done to my 2013 TRD OR AC

    eliminated all vibes 15-25 and the thing is smooth as butter at all speeds
    I did not even know I had slight vibes at other speeds, but apparently I did because this thing is smoother everywhere !

    replaced transmission mount, measured driveline angles per TSB 0008-14
    parts installed
    1 12371-31250 insulator, engine
    1 45713-35050 damper, steering
    2 90080-15079 screw, w/washer
    4 90117-A0005 bolt, u
    8 90178-A0050 nut, flange
    8 94622-51400 washer, plain
    2 48341-04090 bumper, RR spring
    1 48220-04320 spring assy, RR L
    1 48210-04680 spring assy, RR

    I went from a 3 leaf pack to a 4 leaf pack (3 springs, one helper spring)
    rear ride height went up an inch


    • Dan

      Hey Vernon, I’m going to check into that because their update did nothing to help my tacoma. Also when I took it back, they took it and reset the computer. Now it doesn’t vibrate on idle. I’m going to take it to a transmission shop and get their analysis. It just makes so mad when the service manager says its normal vibrations. Its not normal!! Sorry just totally frustrated.

  • Gary

    Ok guys, super simple fix.I have been in the transmission business for 25 yrs.I also have a 2007 Tacoma. And I had this problem. Take your two piece driveshaft and have a driveshaft company make you a one piece shaft, drives like a dream!!!!!