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Toyota Tacoma Catalytic Converter Guards – CatClamp

Every so often we hear about another rash of catalytic converter thefts on Toyota Tacoma pickups. Unfortunately, the Toyota Tacoma is an easy target since it has significant space under the exhaust for a thief to quickly saw off the converter. What can you do? How about a CatClamp?

YouTube Preview ImageThe reality of catalytic converter thefts is that it really only takes a thief 30 seconds of time and a reciprocating saw. Then, all they need to do is find a shady recycling dealer who will turn the platinum in the converter into cash. Essentially, the thieves get a pile of cash and you are left with a pricey repair bill. We have heard of estimates ranging from a few hundred to several thousand depending on damage and age of the vehicle.

The CatClamp is a clever invention that is a deterrent to this theft. It features two split collars that in conjunction with security bolt/key and heavy duty wire ropes to form a cage around your catalytic converter. This cage is also locked to the vehicle frame or cross member with the heavy duty rope. It is made out of stainless steel and should last forever. Plus, you could also remove it when needed to transfer it to a new vehicle.

Toyota Tacoma Catalytic Converter Guards - CatClamp

Looks secure to us!

The rope that the CatClamp uses is nearly impossible to cut without a heavy duty machine. This means a thief would take one look at your setup and move on. Remember, they want a quick 30 second job, not a big hassle.

CatClamp says the built in Toledo, Ohio product can be installed by someone with basic mechanical knowledge in 20-30 minutes.

Toyota Tacoma Catalytic Converter Guards - CatClamp

The standard CatClamp model.

Before your catalytic converter gets stolen, check out the CatClamp. The standard version retails for $149.95 and the stainless steel version retails for $319.95.

Have a stolen catalytic converter story or have you tried the CatClamp? Let us know below.

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