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All-Terrain Gamer Tacoma Visits Denver Stock Show

UPDATE: On the eve of a new SEMA show, Nov. 5-8, we thought we would re-run this post about the gamer Tacoma.

At the 2009 SEMA show, Toyota showed an “All-Terrain Gamer” custom vehicle that was somewhat modeled after the one-of-a-kind “Warthog” made famous by the Halo video game series. The Tacoma All-Terrain Gamer featured both “active” lifestyle accessories like big tires and bike racks as well as an incredible video game console.

Toyota Tacoma All-terrain Gamer

In November 2009, this Toyota Tacoma was a star at the largest car show in the world. 14 months later, it’s stuffed with pre-teens pulling “babysitting” duty at Denver’s National Western Stock Show and Rodeo*.

Gamer Toyota Tacoma Stock Show

Funny, eh? Seems like a less-than-fitting destination for a show truck.

All-Terrain Gamer Tacoma Features

I spoke to Peter at Podium Marketing, the company that helps Toyota with promotions at events like the Stock Show, and he was able to give me a tour of the Tacoma as well as a few notes.

Toyota Tacoma gamer rear view

My first question – Does the ATG Tacoma actually drive?

Answer: Yes. But no one drives it except on and off the trailer.

Gamer Tacoma seats outboard

The front seats are lifted out of mounting holes (hidden) and then hooked to the sides of the truck using special frame adapters.

Peter explained that each of the outboard seats disconnects from the frame and the lifts into a hidden mount, placing each seat exactly where they should be to make the vehicle driveable. The monitors fold out of the way, and boom: it’s almost like a regular old Tacoma (except for the thousands of dollars of very special extras).

Gamer Tacoma bike rack roof rack

16" bead lock wheels Gamer Tacoma

Supposedly this is a real TRD bead lock wheel

The exterior appearance of this truck is pretty special – the neon metallic green color on the top half of the truck is a vinyl wrap. The 16″ wheels have a matching neon-green “bead lock” (it’s in quotes cause’ it’s not really a bead lock wheel) and some nice big 295/75 R16 tires (BFG A/T TKO’s, to be exact).

Gamer Tacoma clear hood

Gamer Tacoma hood window

The hood is a nice touch too – there’s an acrylic panel that showcases the TRD supercharger.

Blacked-out headlights on Gamer Tacoma

The blacked-out headlights on this truck looked perfect next to the grey bumpers.

Tacoma Gamer grille LEDs

The LEDs just behind the grill gave the truck a nice look, but they would probably be too bright for night time use.

Gullwing doors? Why not. That makes mounting those outboard gaming seats (which were quite comfortable) that much easier.

Gamer Tacoma seats

Gamer Tacoma video game monitors

Obviously there are a lot of electronics – 4 monitors inside (one for each player) + one large monitor out back. If you’re into video games, you’ll appreciate that this configuration was designed specifically for 4-player HALO. There’s a sound system to match the video game system too.

*Be sure to check out TundraHeadquarters.com for more coverage of the Toyota display and sponsorship of the 2011 National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colorado.