2007 Toyota Tacoma Reviews

Looking to purchase a 2007 Toyota Tacoma? Here is a handy list of the big reviews of this truck.

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Edmunds says: “Capable and highly configurable, the 2007 Toyota Tacoma is an ideal choice for those seeking a compact or midsize pickup.”

U.S. News Rankings and Reviews – Best Cars
U.S. News says: “The Tacoma impresses reviewers with its powertrain choices, and reputation for overall reliability. Even so, its unrefined suspension system disappoints and only the highest trim level has a comfortable rear seat.”

The Car Connection
The Car Connection says: “Redesigned in 2005, the compact Tacoma pickup continues for 2007 with only minor tweaks — including larger, redesigned seats, two-toned gauge panel, and chrome trim.”

Kelley Blue Book
KBB says: “The Tacoma may be Toyota’s smallest pickup, but it has long since left the realm of the compact courier. Fresh from a complete makeover last year, the Tacoma now dwarfs the Ford Ranger and Chevrolet Colorado in every area that counts. Its closest competitors are now the Dodge Dakota and Nissan Frontier and, while worthy opponents, neither can touch the Tacoma’s long history of reliability and high resale value. Wrapped in muscular new sheetmetal and touting the most powerful V6 engine ever to grace a small Toyota, the Tacoma has much to offer those who take their pickup trucks seriously.” says: “Energetic response is a bonus of the Tacoma’s V-6 engine when it teams with a five-speed automatic transmission. This engine snarls during hard acceleration, but not in a distressing way. When equipped with a TRD Sport Package, in particular, a Double Cab Long-Bed Tacoma 4×4 copes well with unpaved roads. The ride is undeniably taut and fairly stiff, though comparable to other small pickups.”

Aol Autos
Aol Autos says: “If one truck stands out from this generally outstanding pack, it’s the Toyota Tacoma. It offers a comfortable cab, a refined ride, responsive handling, proven off-road capability, and quality construction. The Double Cab offers more rear-seat comfort than most of the competition, with enough room to rival a small sedan. Properly equipped V6 models are rated to tow up to 6,500 pounds.”

MSN Autos
MSN Autos says: “The redesigned eighth-generation Tacoma is larger, roomier, smoother and more refined, with additional power and safety features. It replaces a rather dated Tacoma model that, nevertheless, has been one of Toyota’s best-selling vehicles, accounting for 10 percent of U.S. sales. The new Tacoma technically is a compact pickup, although it shares the frame of a rugged midsize Toyota sport utility sold in foreign markets. That component helps provide a ride free of creaks and body shivers. There also are lots of sound-absorbing materials, which contribute to the Tacoma’s refined nature.”

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