Recovery Tip – Always Be Thinking Ahead

If you’ve ever gotten stuck off-road, the temptation is to focus only about getting out of whatever you’re stuck in and not other important questions like:

  • Is getting unstuck going to fix my problem, or am I just going to get stuck again?
  • What happens once my vehicle is moving?
  • How am I going to make sure everyone and everything is safe?

The video below is pretty funny, but it’s also a good illustration of what I’m talking about here. If the owners of the Mack truck had thought about things, they might have set the emergency brake…

YouTube Preview Image

What do you think? Good advice or just Monday-morning quarterbacking?

  • Somebody

    Yeah, they sure didn’t think that one through. Truck should have been better attached to loader, loader operator could have dropped down and stopped it.

  • will

    Brake fluid is much important to check since you are going to need your brakes working properly if you want to be safe. You also have windshield washer fluid that you should check and fill if needed before your trip. You might also want to take a gallon of windshield washer fluid with you just in case you encounter weather conditions that use up a lot of the fluid. These different fluids which are often found under the hood of your vehicle are essential to keep your vehicle running properly and keeping everything running smoothly in your engine.