Custom Toyota Tacoma Dually

A custom Toyota Tacoma Dually was recently spotted on a local interstate and we have the video to prove it. Check out this truck!

YouTube Preview Image

Not really sure if Toyota ever envisioned a Dually Tacoma, but this guy sure did. It looks like this guy did some serious modifications to get everything working and our hats are off to his efforts.

Have you ever thought of seriously modifying your Tacoma? If so how?

  • Somebody

    Dual back wheels is actually a very simple modification by itself. All it really requires is a new axle, obviously a full float to take advantage of the load capacity of all those wheels, and with flanges that stick out right to meet up against dual rims.

    The more significant modification done here was the STRETCH. That looks like he went to 8-foot, which really would be a nice feature.

    Toyota really should offer Tacoma in extended 8×4 foot bed lengths. On the prerunner/4×4 models, the wheels are already spaced far enough out that the wheel wells could be trimmed to achieve the full 4-foot width, and dropping a regular cab on the DCLB chassis would have room for an 8-foot bed. Add one additional option for access cab + 8×4 foot bed and everybody would be happy. You should not be required to step all the way to a fatty truck to get decent cargo capacity.

    • Tim Esterdahl


      I wonder how many consumers would buy a compact, dully pickup? I’m not sure that many would, but a conversion kit offered by a third-party might catch on. Like you said, it wouldn’t be that extensive of a kit.