Boston Herald Reviews 2012 Toyota Tacoma – Good Review?

The Boston Herald just decided to release their review of the 2012 Toyota Tacoma. While the reviewer gave the Toyota Tacoma lots of praise, we wonder why is it so late, doesn’t go off-road nor does it reviewing the towing capability. Where have the good reviews gone?

Boston Herald Reviews 2012 Toyota Tacoma

Boston Herald's review seemed to miss the point - it's a truck, treat it as such.

Boston Herald scribe Jim Mahoney does a nice write up of the features and the power of the Tacoma albeit his says its big competitor is the Ford F-150 (we aren’t sold on that). He does like the “respectable” highway mpg, get up and go and the “quick flip” switch of 4-wheel drive.

Unfortunately, he reviewed just the two-door version and TRD Sport package. It would have been nice for him to experience either the crew cab or Baja package.

And also unfortunately, it doesn’t look like he had the balls to take it off-roading. Instead he settled for a “local construction site.” He says the Tacoma handled that site with ease. Gee, you think? My wife’s car could probably handle a construction site.

Also, he points out that he couldn’t speak to the towing capability since he didn’t tow anything. Really, there wasn’t anything anywhere for you to tow for free?

Sorry to go off on a rant here, but why do a truck review if you are just going to take it easy. Go climb something. Tow a boat. Throw a load of bricks in the bed. Something! Instead we are left with a review that screams for more.

Mahoney, we are glad you like the Toyota Tacoma. But, it is a truck for crying out loud. Treat it as such.

What do you think? Are these the types of reviews you like to read or not?

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