Scary Pikes Peak Challenge Crash

Each year, the Pikes Peak Hill Climb features sports cars going fast uphill. However, this year, one of those cars did the unthinkable. It crashed. A scary moment caught on video for sure. Luckily, driver Jeremy Foley and co-driver Yuri Kouznetsov were able to walk away.

It is clear from the video that Foley was really trying to go for it and make good time. Fortunately, both drivers weren’t seriously hurt. However, the car is a complete disaster.



  • Somebody

    Wow, misjudged the corner a little. One might expect nanny state to erect barriers on the outside of a corner like that (a minivan might make the same mistake, and it doesn’t have a roll cage like that car has).

    • Tim Esterdahl


      I was surprised to not see guard rails along that corner. Here in Colorado we have mountain corners like this that used to be quite a bit more nerve wracking to drive until they installed the rails. You could be literally driving away and all of a sudden (it felt like) the pavement would turn without warning and the asphalt would be inches from the side of a 100 foot drop. Very nerve wracking indeed!



  • newbie87

    The driver of the Mitsubishi broke his leg and navigator had only minor scrapes and bruises that turn is called devils playground cuz that’s where most beginner drivers lose it and it is one of the most dangerous hills´╗┐ to roll down…another racer did it at the exact same spit a the rookie Foley btw it so scary