Reviews – 2012 Toyota Tacoma Review recently took a 2012 Toyota Tacoma TRD out to a gravel pit as part of a video review. They found the Tacoma was a great truck, but called it a “compromise truck” in the end. Do you agree?

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The review took place at the Harold McQuinn Pit Hancock, Maine (as best we can make out) and was written up on While the majority of the review is about the history of the compact truck market, they do get to the review of the Toyota Tacoma at the end. They make some interesting observations.

FenceViewer says:

The Tacoma’s V-6 delivers abundant power, the cabin is quite comfortable for extended travel and the vehicle is composed and stable on placid surfaces. Reconfigured with different options and equipment the Tacoma might be a better value and seem less of a compromise truck, less like it was trying to be all things to every buyer.

There is a certain macho image to the Tacoma’s large tires, TRD hood scoop and beefy proportions, styling that has helped the Tacoma climb to the top of the segment for youthful males and off-road proponents. It is a solid offering in the traditions of Toyota and will readily provide years of faithful service. Just make judicious options list selections.

…In the end, one is left with the impression that the Tacoma is a really good compact/midsize truck that could be great with some more investment in its future.

While any Toyota Tacoma owner would love to see Toyota continue to evolve the truck, finding it as a “compromise truck” was quite the statement. Do you agree with this quote or do you think they might have been off base? Let us know by commenting below.

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  • forkkiller

    I must say that unfortunately I agree, at least somewhat, with the “compromise truck” statement. That is not to say that the current gen of Tacomas boast great power, feature sets, and even more space. But, these new Tacomas are larger and heavier then previous generations. What used to be a small truck is now mid-sized. The small truck market has all but evaporated. As the article said, if the goal is to have comfort and size, why not go with the Tundra? I would be happy to see a smaller truck, the likes of the original “Toyota Pickup” return. Then again, I’m slightly biased towards the older model of Toyota Truck. It was rough, small, but completely useful. That’s not to say that the new Taco is much more fun to drive, it is simply a fond memory.

    • Jason

      You’ll get no argument from me – I think the Tacoma should be smaller, less capable, and cheaper too. The new Scion pickup (which might be a little too lightweight) could be an interesting product, however, as it’s going to be based on the Rav4 and not particularly capable…if it sells, I think we can expect it to be the basis of the next Tacoma (due in 2018, or so I’ve heard).