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New 2″ Ironman Lift Available

Ironman has announced a new 2″ lift for 2005+ Toyota Tacoma pickups to give the truck a bit more clearance while improving the ride quality in the rear suspension.

Ironman 2" Lift Kit

Ironman has a new Lift Kit available that offers 2″ more lift and improved ride quality.

The new Ironman lift kit, with a height increase of 2″, also has more room for “wheel travel and flex in the rear suspension,”  according to Ironman.

“We have successfully redesigned the rear springs and shock absorbers to articulate further whilst maintaining good load support, stated Kristian Ristell, Ironman 4×4`s suspension product manager.

Ironman 2" Lift Kit

“The … picture is a Tacoma that we installed the Ironman suspension on at Sierra Expeditions. It’s hard to tell but that’s at near full stuff up travel,” said William Kuhns.

The kit includes:

  • Higher rated springs
  • Specifically designed longer travel shocks
  • U-bolts
  • Polyurethane bushings
  • Drive shaft spacer

Ironman states the kit also comes with a 2-year, 25,000 miles warranty.

For more information check out and their US distributor

Like the finished product? Check out the build thread here.

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