2012 Toyota Tacoma Review – Globe and Mail

Globe and Mail recently reviewed the 2012 Toyota Tacoma SR5 4X4 Doublecab V-6. The Tacoma, of course, gained another fan.

Toyota Tacoma Review - Globe and Mail

The Globe and Mail recently reviewed the Toyota Tacoma. Like other reviews, the Tacoma gained another fan.

Before he could begin his write-up, reviewer Ted Laturnus of the Globe and Mail, found it quite difficult to get in. He said, ” the 4WD version may be one of the most awkward vehicles to get in and out of I’ve ever encountered. Because it’s perched fairly high off the ground, you can’t just step into it like you would with a sedan or minivan.”

The engine though with its 4.0-litre V-6 got his vote as “one of the smoothest and most tractable V-6 engines on the market – virtually noiseless in operation and responsive at all rpms.” He also liked the part-time 4wd drive and said it was one 4×4 he wouldn’t hesitate to take into the wilderness.

He found the interior to be “reasonably civilized.” While it was tight it did have just enough room to store things.

While he didn’t get a chance to take it off-roading, he did find time to use it around the yard filling up the bed with “a yard or two of compost –about three-quarters of a bucket-load from a full-size front-end loader.” He found the Tacoma performed really well while only compressing the rear suspension to handle the load. He also like the spray-in bed liner his tester came with. Grab a water hose and clean-up is a breeze.

In the end, he notes that the Tundra is the one he would buy as a trademan’s vehicle. Yet, “… for weekend getaways and getting lost up in the mountains, few trucks can match the Tacoma.”

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