All Known 2006 Toyota Tacoma Problems

We love the Toyota Tacoma. However, like any vehicle, there are bound to be some problems from time to time. Here is a handy resource list of all known 2006 Toyota Tacoma Problems.

All Known 2006 Toyota Tacoma Problems

Here is a handy resource guide to all known 2006 Toyota Tacoma problems.

Broken Leaf Springs
It’s definitely not a secret in the Toyota community that the rear leaf springs installed in the Tacoma pickup truck are prone to cracking, flattening and breaking. In fact, Toyota released a technical service bulletin in 2007 that was intended to address this problem by replacing the springs with new units from the factory. The repair was (and still is) available for free to second-gen Tacoma owners still covered by warranty, but if you’re out of warranty then you’ll have to rely on goodwill from your local dealer or foot the bill yourself if you want a factory leaf spring replacement pack. Remember: Broken leaf springs are dangerous because they can lead to unpredictable driving characteristics, especially while towing. If you have a busted leaf spring pack, get it replaced right away.

Concerned about or do you have a broken leaf spring? Here is a guide to get it fixed.

Alloy Rims Rust/Bubbling

All Known 2006 Toyota Tacoma Problems - Alloy Rust/Bubbling

Alloy Rust/Bubbling

There have been some owners who have noticed that there alloy rims have rust on them. There hasn’t been any Technical Service Bulletin addressing this issue and it doesn’t seem to be wide spread.

Technical Service Bulletins

Cowl Water Leak — T-SB-0061-12
Summary: In a limited number of vehicles, water from outside the vehicle may enter the HVAC system through the cowl cover. Evidence of water entry will be found in the blower motor housing, on the blower motor, or on the carpet below the blower motor. If water is found in one of these areas, an updated cowl panel is available to address this condition.

Strange Tacoma Heater / Air Conditioner Fan Noise — T-SB-0162-11
Summary: Some 2005 – 2011 model year Tacoma vehicles may exhibit abnormal noises such as a
ticking/clicking noise or squeal noise from the blower motor. An updated blower motor is available to
address this condition.

Clutch Noise — T-SB-0365-10
Summary: Toyota has determined that there are three parts that are ultimately responsible for the squeaking or rattling noises emitting from the Tacoma’s clutch: the clutch release cylinder, clutch release fork support and clutch release bearing.

Manual Transmission Rattling Noise — T-SB-0103-11
Summary: Some Tacoma vehicles equipped with the R155 5-speed manual transmission may exhibit a rattle noise from the transmission assembly while in neutral with the clutch pedal released. Toyota has produced part numbers and specific information for use with repairs of this problem.

5-Speed Manual Clutch Disk Defect — T-SB-0066-11
Summary: Some 2005–2011 model year Tacoma vehicles equipped with a 5–speed manual transmission exhibit a slipping feeling in all forward gears and reverse . Replacement of the clutch disk, clutch cover, flywheel, and clutch pedal turnover spring is required to repair the vehicle.

Squeaky Leaf Spring Suspension — T-SB-0106-11
Summary: Some 2005–2011 model year 4×4 or PreRunner Tacoma vehicles may exhibit a squeak noise from the rear leaf spring when traveling over speed bumps or with suspension movement from loading and unloading the suspension. A new leaf spring pad has been made available to reduce the noise.

Daytime Running Light Lenses — T-SB-0129-11
Summary: Some 2005-2011 Tacoma have a condition where the inner Daytime Running Light/Turn Signal lens becomes distorted and bubbled in appearance.

Steering Wheel Recall — T-SB-0057-12
Summary: The recall is to replace a faulty steering-wheel spiral assembly. Part of a possible design flaw, friction could develop between spiral cable and the retainer in the steering-wheel assembly. This friction could lead to a loss of connectivity with the driver’s airbag and cause the airbag not to deploy in a crash.

Broken Fan Speed Control — T-SB-0149-11
Summary: Some Tacoma vehicles may exhibit a faulty condition whereby the blower motor is seemingly stuck on a single high speed. In reality this condition renders the rest of the fan speeds inoperative, thus causing undue wear and tear on the auto parts involved, not to mention discomfort to the driver and passengers. The issue is caused by a fault in the blower motor resistor and resistor connector.


  1. Jefffowler says:

    I my self had a 2006 6 speed manual. I had the rim paint bubble issue and the squeaky clutch pedal. But now I have 2012. So far so good.

  2. I just heard about the frame problems a few months ago, I took it in and it failed the inspection. Toyota would not offer the buy back because it was 2 months past the 15 year date. I never received any prior notice for this. If they would have sent out the letter a few months earlier, I would have brought it back.

    On a good note, it has been the best vehicle I have ever owned.